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gifts for minimalists

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I’ve been on the minimalism train for the last few years, and I acknowledge that this makes me INCREDIBLY difficult to shop for. What do you get for the person who is actively trying to get rid of a lot of their things and not bring in new things?!? IT’S A PICKLE.

It’s a bit of a misconception that Minimalists don’t want to own any things, but part of being a human beings means we all need to own things. Minimalists just want to have fewer things, and for those things to be really special items that we love and that serve us well. A few things to consider:

  • Think lower quantity, higher quality.

  • Think consumable. Things that can be used and enjoyed, and then don’t take up space.

  • Think experiences. This gets a little trickier with COVID and things being shut down, but there are still opportunities for concerts, movies, and memberships.

There’s not a one size fits all for this, but hopefully this list will give you some insight into the minimalist you love.

1. Gift box – I love Teak and Twine for their beautiful, curated gift boxes. They have a huge variety and include things like teas, candles, soaps, and snacks. All consumable and enjoyable!

2. Hello Fresh Gift Card – We did this for our siblings a few years back. They all received about week’s worth of meals that they got to choose from with all the ingredients included. It’s like giving the gift of NOT meal planning and NOT grocery shopping, with the chance to try some new foods and learn new skills.

3. Diffuser – It’s not an accident that homey lovely scents are running their way through all of our gift guides. Scent is a powerful mood-booster and something that we all can enjoy. This diffuser is sized for a large room to diffuse scents all day.

4. Volcano essential oil – I’m talking about Anthropologie scents again, aren’t I? But they’re so yummy. The iconic Volcano candle smell is available in a BOTTLE. A few drops in your diffuser and you’re enjoying that Anthro scent all day, err day.

5. Wine subscription – I mean, this really doesn’t need much selling, right?! It’s wine delivery people!

6. Kiwi crate – Our kids have received this from their aunt the last few years and they love it. It’s a kit that shows up with all the supplies you need for a craft or experiment (depending on what style you choose). They get to create something fun and older kids can do it on their own. Then after it’s served its purpose it can move to the recycle bin! Henry got a soap making kit in March. You can IMAGINE that this was about the best timing ever.

7. Socks – This falls into the category of “need to have, so might as well be nice.” Really high quality cozy socks are a wonderful luxury.

8. Audible Gift Card – Audio books are so great. And for people who can multitask (not me) it’s awesome to listen to a book while you work or drive or fold laundry.

9. Photo calendar – Even minimalists love pictures, especially simple ones that highlight the people they love. A photo calendar is a wonderful yet useful gift.

10. Sarcastic pencils – I mean, if you're going to write something down, it might as well make you smile! There are SO MANY great options on Etsy worth checking out!

11. Artkive – To have a child is to know the obscene mountains of paper they come home with. Every sketch, scribble, and painting can overtake your house. Artkive lets you box up your favorites in a pre-paid box. Then they turn them into a photo book or framed art piece for you!

12. Body Butter – A sweet, consumable luxury that’s a step up from the usual stuff. These are made from all natural ingredients that you can actually pronounce. No funkified chemicals.

13. Cozy Minimalist Home – If the minimalist in your life is less “all white sterile box” and more “clean put together home”, this book will be right up her alley. It’s about combining the less-is-more philosophy of minimalism along with a home that is a cozy, inviting sanctuary.

14. Framed art – OKAY, I’ll admit, buying art for someone else is high-risk, but it can be high-reward too. If you know they’re into abstract art and you have a sense of their favorite colors, get them something they can hang on the walls and enjoy every day. Or if you’re not so confident in picking out art for them, consider a gift card so they can choose their own AND you can support a small business artist.

15. Breakfast – There is literally nothing better in my book during Christmas vacation than waking up to baked goods that are ready to eat. Steven’s grandparents began giving these Wolferman’s baskets to us years ago it is a highlight of the season. The English muffins, jams, and other baked goodies are so yummy and great to have on hand as people drop by during the season.

There you have it! In case you missed it, here are the links to all the Gift Guides for 2020! Wishing you a happy holiday season and Merry Christmas!!


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