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gifts for him

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Can we all agree that guys are SO HARD to shop for?!?! Every year it’s the same thing:

“What do you want for Christmas?!”

*shoulder shrug…mumble…I dunno*

NOT THIS YEAR. I enlisted the help of Steven (notoriously impossible to shop for) and we gathered up some great gifts for the dudes in your life.

1. Slippers – Steven received these from his Sister last year and is obsessed with them. “These need to go on the list.” It was the most declarative statement he’s ever made about a present. That’s why it’s #1.

2. Shirt – This is no regular shirt. It’s basically a swiss army knife made of fabric. It has a sunglass loop, bottle pocket, bottle opener, a dry pocket, and hidden interior pocket. If James Bond had a Hawaiian shirt, this would be it.

3. Notebook – For the man in your life with lots of ideas (or who just wants to look like he does).

4. Flannel – I’ve bought this shirt for nearly every man in my life. It comes in a ton of patterns and a huge range of sizes, from tall to big, to, tall & big.

5. Candle – Yes, even men like things to smell good. These candles are in manly, woodsy scents inspired by the national parks.

6. Camp Flag – Cool graphic flags that are great while camping, but also seriously cool wall décor.

7. Enamel Mugs – While you’re out camping with your cool flag, bring along these durable enamel mugs for your cup of joe.

8. Hatchet – Bring this guy on your campout too to chop up fire wood. Equally as handy at home for your occasional chopping needs (I’m out of my depth here but Steven assures me this is useful).

9. Clock – If one of your 2021 goals is to spend a bit less time on your phone than you did in 2020 (we’re all guilty here), an old school analog alarm clock is a great way to keep your phone away from your bed.

10. Whiskey glasses – If your man is a serious Scotch drinker, get him a pair of these. The insulation keeps your hands from warming the liquid gold without needing to add ice.

11. Lagavulin – I may have been out of my depth with the hatchet talk, but I KNOW SCOTCH. If the man (or hell, anyone) in your life loves a bold, peaty drink, he needs to try this. Made on the island of Islay, Scotland, it’s about as good as it gets. It’s also Ron Swanson’s favorite drink. True Story.

12. Shirt – The Simpsons has been going on for 30 years. Chances are that some of the men in your life are going to get this joke.

13. Pants – Comfortable, slim cut, and super flattering (trust me, they make a man look good).

14. Boots – A classic for a reason. Duck boots are awesome for cold, wet weather. They are super well made, and LL Bean will even re-sole them should the sole ever wear out.

15. Car freshener – Nobody wants a funky smelling car, and this looks much better than the cardboard pine tree.

Check back tomorrow for our Gift Guide For Kids! And here's the Gift Guide for Her in case you missed it!


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