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gifts for the homebody

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You might say that all of us became homebodies to one degree or another this year. 2020 forced us to spend a lot more time at home, highlighting the things that we love about our homes…and the things that we don’t! I definitely gained an appreciation for the nicer home goods I’ve invested in or received as gifts over time. Things that work well and are beautiful, special, or higher quality. Things that brought a little bit of joy through all the hours of staring at our 4 walls!

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite items for cozying up at home. Things that are maybe just a liiiiiiitttle bit nicer than what we would buy for ourselves!

1. Mega Candle – Most of us know and love the Capri candle from Anthropologie, but did you know that it comes in a mega 5 WICK SIZE with a 250 hour burn time?! Yeah baby. Sign me UP.

2. Matches – Sure, you can light your mega candle with a regular grocery store match. But wouldn’t life be that much more magical if it was a rainbow colored match? I think so.

3. Diffuser – This smoke glass diffuser is beautiful enough to proudly display! Imagine it on a stack of books next to a plant. YES.

4. Tile Mat – This customizable hexagon tile walk off mat is as adorable as it comes. You can stick to classic black and white, or add in colored tiles to match your home or the season.

5. Slippers – It’s like walking on a pink cloud. How could that not bring a smile to your face in the morning?

6. Quilt – Fun fact – I’m a quilter! If you’re lucky enough to own a handmade quilt you probably know that it’s a time intensive labor of love to make one. But there’s nothing quite like the weight of a quality heirloom quilt. This guy from schoolhouse gives you that feeling and look, without sacrificing the next 80 hours of your life!

7. Backgammon game – I’ll admit, I have no idea how to play backgammon anymore. I knew as a kid, but didn’t retain the info. BUT with a game this cute that almost doesn’t matter. Durable enough to use and play with, cute enough to keep out on your coffee table.

8. SMEG Kettle – I have and LOVE my Smeg kettle. I use it nearly every day to make iced tea, hot tea, and speed up boiling water on my stovetop. If you have a tea lover in your life, they will ADORE this gift.

9. Cookie stamp – Imagine giving someone cookies for their birthday or a new baby, each stamped with a personal message! This cookie stamp lets you personalize your bakes with interchangeable letters and numbers. It’s definitely on my wish list!

10. Houseplants – Y’all know I love a good house plant. This is a trio of easy care houseplants that are perfect for plant newbies and seasoned plant lovers alike.

11. Wine chiller – Marble to keep your favorite Sauvignon B cold all evening!

12. Wine glasses – Rose gold glasses for rosé all day!

13. Dutch oven – One of my friends said recently that she doesn’t have a Dutch Oven because she doesn’t think she’d ever use it. Allow me to dispel this rumor. I use mine ALL THE TIME. Yeah, you can use it for fancy things like artisan bread or risotto, but it’s just as awesome for chili and mac & cheese and roast chicken. If you don’t have one, get one!

14. Hands – If you struggle with coffee table styling, add this guy to a book and call it a day. Then add….

15. Coffee table book – Speaking of coffee tables, grab this book of plant filled beautiful interiors.

16. Coffee table rosary – If you’re a Christian, then this season is filled with extra special meaning for you. I love the look of chunky beads for styling a coffee table, made even more special by the addition of The Lord! You don’t have to be Catholic to appreciate and use this (don’t worry, I checked!).

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Check back soon for our last installment with the most difficult group to shop for – our Gift Guide For Minimalists!


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