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gifts for kids

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I know you’ve been there. Just as soon as you put away the last Halloween decoration, you get this text message from every grandparent, aunt, and uncle:

“What do the kids want for Christmas?!?”

Depending on the age of your kid, the response will be one of the following:

  • Babies – they need nothing, are aware of nothing, and they don’t care. Their current favorite toy is last week’s Folgers coffee can.

  • Younger kids – they want literally everything in the Target Christmas Catalog. All of it.

  • Bigger kids – they already have everything and they don’t care about toys any more GEEZ MOM.

  • Teenagers – I just want cash.

To save you some brain cells and mental energy, take a peek at our favorite kids gifts. Some of these are things our kids have received and loved, and others are things we may or may not be asking Santa for this year!

For Littles:

1. Kitchen – Every kid loves a play kitchen. Boy or girl, doesn’t matter. Cooking is a part of all of our lives. We IKEA hacked ours a few years back, but dang, this one is REALLY cute and wouldn’t require 2 days of painting in the garage!

2. Rainbow – Theo looooooves this rainbow puzzle. I love that it’s wooden, which is both durable and beautiful.

3. Outfit – There is nothing cuter than a baby in a cute pair of leggings, amiright?

4. Ring stacker – A step up from the plastic Little Tikes one we all grew up with.

5. Piggy bank – Time to start that college fund!

6. Sound machine – This thing is a LIFE SAVER. You can program it to start and stop each day automatically for naptime and bedtime. You can adjust the colors and the sounds. You can control it from your phone, so if you’re having a particularly loud girls night, you can increase the volume of the white noise to drown it out (I speak from experience here). Best part though? It has an “ok to wake” function for toddlers that has a red light at night time, turning green when it’s okay to get out of bed. Hello, a little extra sleep on the weekends! Well, only if they listen.

7. Super Hero Mouse – This cutie little mouse in his little case is ready to go on adventures with your little one. Check out the ballet mouse too!

8. Pennant – A sweet pennant with a reminder for a bedtime story (like kids EVER let you forget a step in the bedtime routine)

For Bigger Kids:

9. Book – A beautifully illustrated activity book packed with interesting facts about our world.

10. Dress – If I had daughters they would 100% be receiving this glittery pink number. Heck, I’d wear a grown up version of this.

11. Apron – Perfect for a budding chef or baker. And cute enough to leave hanging on a hook in your kitchen when not covered in nutella.

12. Headphones – We got these for Max last year so he could listen to his music in the car. Turned out they were incredibly useful for virtual schooling too.

13. MP3 player – It’s remarkably difficult to find an MP3 player that isn’t a phone! This is nice quality, and can connect to Spotify OR Amazon Music. You preload the music that you’re OK with your kids listening to using an app on your phone.

14. Colored pencils – Art supplies are always a good idea!

15. Microphone – OK, admittedly we gave this to our loudest kid and made him even louder, but all of our boys love playing with this microphone. People smarter than me could probably figure out how to connect the Bluetooth in this microphone to the MP3 player and the headphones. If you do figure this out, please call me.

16. Telescope – An awesome gift for a science loving kid.

17. Shirt – I love Target for cute kids graphic tees, this one would be perfect paired up with the telescope!

18. Toothbrushes – I feel a little bit feel like a dentist handing out floss on Halloween with this one, BUT our kids loved getting these Quip toothbrushes last year. They feel FANCY. Quip sends you a new brush head and battery

automatically every 3 months, so you never have to remember when was the last time you swapped out their (nasty) toothbrush!

Check back tomorrow for our Gift Guide for Homebodies! And our Gift Guides for Her and for Him in case you missed them!


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