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Christmas home tour round up + holiday hacks

Christmas time is here! And it is flying by! It never ceases to amaze me how the days dissolve into the ether this time of year.

Whether your tree has been up since November 1st or you are planning to pack all the kids in the car and head to the Christmas tree lot this weekend, I bet that because you're here you're still up for some new ideas and inspiration. I'M HERE FOR YOU, FRIEND.

Here are all my favorite Christmas resources that have inspired us, made it to our blog, and have just made my life so much easier:

Each year I oscillate between going all out, and going more minimal to save my sanity. You never know what you're going to get with me! This year is somewhere in-between. I decked out or main living spaces, but didn't do much in the bedrooms or kid spaces. Maximum impact, minimal effort.

christmas living room blush

Christmas decorating (and the holidays in general) are some of those things that starts out as a sweet treat, but tend to grow year after year, and get bigger and bigger, and eventually the decorations take on a life of their own. Last year, I had pared down a bit but still gave all my Christmas decorations a place that made our rental feel festive without having to unpack every décor tub from the garage.

glam christmas tree

If you don't read any of these, read this one. READ THIS ONE! It is a quick how to have Christmas decorations on a budget and where to spend big. Hint, it's the tree!

winter wonderland christmas

Full of color, fun, and funky vintage charm with a touch glitter and your home is definitely merry and definitely bright! Some times our designs at TLD can be on the less-is-more side. On this house, we dove deep into the MORE IS MORE side of the pool.

merry + bright christmas tree

Warm, inviting, and full of red! This house is the exact vibe if your ideal Christmas surroundings make you want to sit by the fire, do a puzzle, and drink cocoa. Christmas touches everywhere, but in a calming, subtle way.

classic christmas tree

This will save you in a pinch and keep you on track to get all your gifts shopped and gifted!

holiday shopping trello template

Having that designer tree is not as hard as it looks! Check out this post for some tips and tricks to having the tree of your dreams.

christmas tree decor

There are a few things that can always be counted on when it comes to Christmas at the Lenney house. Christmas Vacation will be playing on repeat, I will wear nothing but yoga pants and cozy sweatshirts, and we will be drinking this cocktail until the kings come home. It’s like grown up Christmas in a cup.

its a wonderful life cocktail

We hope these tours and resources give you some fresh ideas for your Christmas Decorating this year! Merry Christmas!

Also, we invite you to check out our Holiday Highlight on Instagram for more inspo and holiday recipes!


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