how to trim your Christmas tree like a pro

decorate a christmas tree like a pro

You've seen them. You love them.

The epically decorated Christmas tree.

It's a thing of beauty to behold. If it feels unattainable to you, I want to dispel that inner voice inside of you that thinks you can't create something like this, because you totally can.

Oh, and before anyone clicks away because you could NEVER do a tree like this because you have too many cherished (but not always pretty) handmade kid's ornaments and childhood ornaments and gifted ornaments, I have a fix for that too.


Yep, I always set up one tree that is stunning to look at, and one that is full of memories that the kids can go crazy on. Everybody wins.

So, if you can wrap your mind around that concept, or you don't have any ugly ornaments because you're an epic Christmas curator, here's how to get that majestic, "decorator" Christmas tree look at home.

Also be sure to read to the end to get this look at home.


First things first - one thing amazing decorator trees have in common is that they are sticking HARD to a theme and color palette. In this case we wanted to create a Glam tree that pulled from colors that were already in our clients home. For you it might be more neutral, or rustic, or modern, or colorful. Your home has a style 11 months of the year so lean into it! Then we'll add some Christmas flair to it.

christmas tree tips

Here are a few other palettes to get your juices flowing:

rustic + natural

vintage christmas

winter berry

bright + festive


Another hallmark of decorator trees - BIG FATTY FAT ORNAMENTS. Most of the regular ornaments you see in the store are no bigger than your fist. We want to add some melon-sized bad boys to the tree to get some oooomph. Scale is one of the biggest tricks up a designer's sleeve and one that most folks miss.

Get at least 5 mega sized ornaments for an 8-9' tree. Always in odd numbers too. BONUS TIP.

christmas tree tips


Next we'll start layering in regular sized globe ornaments. What you want to do here is to create zig-zags all over the tree with your pops of color or with like-ornaments. This keeps your eye moving around the tree, finding new things to look at. We call that "creating interest."