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a glam winter wonderland

Transforming homes is what we do every day of the year, but it is an extra special treat to get to transform a client’s house for Christmas! And this house is really special, you guys.

Our clients moved into this home earlier in the year from a smaller house and they didn’t have any furniture for the front two rooms of their new house, so we outfitted them from scratch. The vibe is glamorous, fresh and feminine. And, if I may, it turned out lovely (don’t worry, we’ll photograph it properly after Christmas to share!)

But here comes the rub. It’s super common that when you move from one house to another you take the opportunity to shift and grow your style. Often we hang onto things that we no longer love until something big, like a move, gives us an opportunity to evolve our style. Our client’s existing Christmas décor was super traditional – reds and greens and a little bit rustic. Their new living and dining spaces are blush, cream, and deep moody blue-green. Not quite a perfect match. And while their Christmas decorations are all very pretty, they for sure would look out of place in this space.

We wanted to stick to a tighter budget considering they bought a new house this year! Our challenge was to transform this into a glam winter wonderland without breaking the bank, our strategy is very similar to the Thanksgiving Dining Room we made over last month - we wanted to go for a few high-impact moves that pack a punch, and then sprinkle a couple of extra touches around the room. You don’t have to go all-out in every corner and on every horizontal surface to make a big statement.

We started the same way we start any interior project – with a mood board. On the left you can see the Mood Board that kicked off the project, and on the right the Christmas Mood Board. You can see how we are translating their day-to-day design style into the holidays.

Mood Board for everyday on the left | Mood Board for Christmas on the right

We focused our efforts on two key spots – the Christmas tree and the dining table. Then feathered in a few other festive touches around the rooms.

For the tree, the only way to go in my mind was a flocked tree! They are so magical and whimsical, and perfectly fitting in this color palette. We trimmed the tree with gold, rose gold, and blush tones, with a couple of deep blue-green accents. The cream faux-fur tree skirt adds to the luxe glam vibe.

On the adjacent bookshelves we layered in a few tinsel trees and festive touches with the regular décor for a touch of Christmas. Also never underestimate the power of fairy lights.

On the console at the opposite side of the room we added a few sparkly trees, nutcracker, and reindeer and voila – Christmas!

The dining room is SUCH a dramatic space already that it deserved a few special pieces. These glass Christmas trees in all of our colors are stunning down the center of the console, a sparkly gold table runner, and of course you can’t go wrong with a lit garland and candles.

The feather wreath over the mirror is the final flourish. Wreaths over mirrors are always a good idea, and I love that this feels luxe and non-traditional in its material.

In fact I love wreaths over mirrors so much that we repeated the detail with a trio of tinsel wreaths over a floor mirror. The secret - fishing line!

Our clients were thrilled with the end result, as were we! Just goes to show that you don’t have to have an unlimited budget to do amazing things.

Merry Christmas everyone!!


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