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holiday shopping simplified: free trello template

shopping list trello template

As black Friday approaches you may, like me, be realizing you have not bought a single gift this year.


I have a quick blog post tip to help you as you start to think through your Christmas gift purchases! I use Trello to organize basically everything in my life, and holiday gift giving is no different! This takes the notes app on your phone or the Pinterest board or saved IG posts and blows them out of the water in terms of efficiency and organization.

In case you haven’t heard me wax poetic about Trello before, it’s a free software (desktop and mobile app) that allows you to organize literally anything. We use it for Meal Planning, weekly to do lists, organizing all of our client projects, and so much more.

Here’s how it can make holiday shopping SO much easier.

Trello is made up of Lists that hold cards. Think of cards like a post it note. I have a card for every person on my shopping list that starts its journey on the list Gifts To Buy.

Inside the cards you can add checklists, like to capture the 4 different gift ideas you have for your kid. I update these cards through the year as they mention things they might want for Christmas. You can also add links to products you want to purchase directly to the card.

Then when it comes time to start shopping, you can drag each card over to the list Selected List, and then to Purchased, so you have a quick view at a glance of how much shopping you’ve accomplished and what you still have left to do.

You can add to this if you want to get even more organized – a list for gifts that have been wrapped or need to be shipped. Or a list for the Black Friday sales you want to be sure to watch.

This has helped my life so much. No more panic on December 23rd because I forgot to buy a gift for my brother in law! Give it a go this year and see how much easier it makes things!

christmas list shopping trello template


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