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Thanksgiving resource round up

Some people are great at math. Others are athletes, or can play instruments, or speak multiple languages. Not me.

Friends, Thanksgiving is where I shine. It is my Olympics.

We do not skip over Thanksgiving around here! It felt like Halloween happened and everyone jumped to Christmas, but I am here to give Thanksgiving its due. We focus on family, gratefulness, and intentionally spending time together gift-free. Also stretchy pants. It is a wonderful day in my house and I love to host! But let's be honest, hosting is A LOT. Effort, prep, shopping, cleaning, dishes, mental load. Deliciousness comes at a price.

Don't let the overwhelm steal your joy. I've got you.

Over the years we have posted a few resources for how to make the day seamless and seem less stressful. I've gathered them all up into a cornucopia of tips so you can look back at all the resources and be ever ready for the beautiful chaos of Thanksgiving!

Let's get it rolling.


Hosting Thanksgiving can come with a heaping spoonful of stress. The key to avoiding that stress is, of course, planning. I start my prep on Tuesday, and do most of the heavy lifting on Wednesday, so Thursday can be enjoyable and low-key. That way I can make happy memories with my people instead of memories where Mama is scrambling in the kitchen swearing under my breath (or loudly). This one is complete with a Customizable Guide filled with all of our favorite family recipes!


I may not have a show on The Food Network (YET), but sometimes I pretend on Instagram. I recorded all of my prep work for all of the recipes included in the template above to show you how to do them yourself! Reading a recipe is fine, but watching it is SO MUCH MORE HELPFUL. You can watch me in all my makeup-less glory here.


How to set a stunning table using things you already own.

holiday table set up blush
thanksgiving table blue


See how we remixed some of the same pieces from my table this year in a more traditional setting for a different look..

thanksgiving table

thanksgiving table


Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away! And if you’re thinking “MY DINING ROOM IS A DISASTER AND I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO GET MY LIFE TOGETHER!!” fear not. If I were with you, I would gently cup your face in my hands and tell you it’s going to be fine. First, because opening up your home to the people you love doesn’t require perfection. Everyone is fine with scruffy hospitality and just wants to eat your food and see your face. And second, because 2-day shipping exists. We still have time.

dining room table

thanksgiving center piece

Wishing you a happy and stress-free Thanksgiving! And as always, feel free to drop us a comment if there's an area you need help with or something you'd like us to cover in the future!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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