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it's a wonderful life - cocktail recipe

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There are a few things that can always be counted on when it comes to Christmas at the Lenney house. Christmas Vacation will be playing on repeat, I will wear nothing but yoga pants and cozy sweatshirts, and we will be drinking this cocktail until the kings come home. It’s like grown up Christmas in a cup.

It’s a magical combination of a White Russian and seasonal holiday tastes like mint and cinnamon. AND IT IS DIVINE. We’ve been drinking this for 10? 15 years? We found the recipe originally in a deck of Holiday Cocktail cards and it was the front runner. We’ve tweaked it over time (by adding more types of booze, obviously) and it is sheer perfection. You can make it by the glass or by the pitcher if you're hosting.

You can always find me sipping on one while I decorate the tree, on Christmas Eve, and approximately at 12:01 PM Christmas Day.

Once you try it, be prepared for it to become a solid part of your holiday traditions too.


Makes 1 large drink or 2 smaller drinks


· 3 oz half and half (you can substitute milk if you’re going to drink several of these!)

· 3 oz vodka

· 1-1/2 oz Kahluah

· Splash of Crème de menthe

· Sprinkle of cinnamon for garnish


1. Pour the half-and-half, Vodka, Kahluah, and crème de menthe over ice in a shaker.

2. Shake vigorously until cold and frothy, then pour into a glass filled with ice.

3. Dust with cinnamon.

It truly is a wonderful life. Pairs well with Christmas cookies and Sherpa sweatshirts.

Original recipe credit: Jessica Strand. Find the original recipe and 49 other holiday cocktail recipes here.

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