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The One Room Challenge Week 8 - THE REVEAL

HOLY MOLY YOU GUYS, WE DID IT! It’s Week 8 of the ORC, and we are DONE! Before I show you the finished Master Bathroom, here’s where we’ve been so far (who am I kidding, you guys have already scrolled down):


I couldn’t help but give you a little reminder of where we started with this dated 1980s bowling-alley of a bathroom, complete with garden tub, black recessed lights, and brass shower enclosure:

The goal was for a fresh spin on traditional, light and airy, and packed with function and style. A relaxing retreat for our clients and a space that makes them say ahhhhhhhh.

If you followed along from the beginning, you know that this was a nail-biter right to the finish. We experienced the normal renovation hiccups that happen during any remodel, but with COVID-19 shipping delays on top of that and an 8-week hard deadline, we were all a bit uncertain that it would come together in time.

As I'm hitting publish today, it's Saturday, and we didn't get countertops in until WEDNESDAY. Yeah, as in, 3 days ago. This means that since then the team finished the counters, installed the plumbing fixtures, sconces, mirrors, the shower glass, hung wallpaper, installed window treatments, cleaned, styled, and placed all the finishing touches. 😅

I only had to do like 4% of that and I. am. Exhausted. But my word, it was so worth it.

(easy for me to say since I wasn't working there day in and day out without air conditioning for the last 8 weeks...thanks Team Tejas!)

Let's see how it all came together. Here we goooooo!


Forewarning, there’s about to be some gushing.

To say this space has been transformed is an understatement. We actually didn’t do much to change the layout, other than shifting the water closet to enlarge the shower. By and large, everything is in the same place but has been MUCH improved.

The cabinetry on this wall is nothing short of epic, coming in at a whopping 20 feet from end to end (and y'all thought our 12' vanity was long). The storage was tailor-made for our clients, with all the bells and whistles, like concealed laundry hampers and pull-out grooming tools drawer. There is so much to love here, I can't pick a favorite part.

The bathroom now has the focal point it’s always been lacking with this gorgeous freestanding tub. A teensy weensy upgrade from the garden tub that was there before!

And here’s our DIY abstract art that we made back in week 4. If you haven’t been brave enough to try it for yourself, I have great news, it’s available to purchase through our shop, Humble Abode, along with several other coordinating art pieces!

I felt a little bad keeping you all in suspense last week by not telling you which wallpaper we chose. All the options in the roundup would have looked amazing, but we went with #3! The subtle tone-on-tone pattern is the perfect balance of an unexpected pop that is still calming and serene. This wallpaper went in YESTERDAY, guys. I wonder if it was even dry when we snapped the photos...?!

A subtle difference-maker was casing out these windows with trim. One of those little details that makes a space feel polished and finished. We added in cordless window treatments (which also went in yesterday!) to give privacy when our clients need it while still allowing lots of natural light in.

We installed a patented TLD classic - the vertical shampoo niche. SO much more storage than your normal 12x12 or horizontal one. Everyone gets their own big shelf (she gets 2 because let's be real) plus a shallow shelf for soap and razor blades. Not everything went in perfectly as we'd hoped - the shower door handle didn't arrive in time. But honestly, I think we can live with that, all things considered (and by "all things" I mean the fact that 4 days ago we didn't have countertops or plumbing).

Mixing metals was definitely the right choice here. I will never get over how gorgeous polished nickel and brass work together. Like peanut butter and jelly.

A herringbone floor is always a classic choice. You pretty much can’t go wrong.

The finishing touches really do bring it all together. If you’re looking for tips on how to accessory shop and style your bathroom (or any space), I shared all of my tips and strategy for accessory shopping back in this post!

So there you have it! I can’t go one minute further without shouting out to our construction partners, Tejas Remodeling and Custom Homes, without whom none of this would have been possible. That’s not a platitude – they literally did everything. I just made some art, wrote some blog posts, and installed plants and loofahs (well OKAY we also designed the thing but still).

What a fun ride it’s been. We will definitely be doing this again (but probably not in November 😅)! Thanks for coming along with us.

If you haven’t already, head to the ORC page to check out all the other room reveals today! There are some seriously amazing ones this year. And thanks to all of you for your support and encouraging messages! You really kept us going.

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