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Dallas, Texas

This renovation began with a singular goal – replace the run down, inefficient, and (let’s be honest) sad bathrooms with something fresh, modern, and functional. 

In the master we reworked the layout wrought with inefficiency, combining 2 vanities into 1, merging 2 closets into 1, removing the garden tub that nobody used, and creating a separate toilet room (can I get a hallelujah from all the married folks!?). This gave us space for a luxurious shower and mile-long vanity packed with style and function. The color palette and finishes are modern and relaxing; a true retreat.

For the kids, we took 1 Jack and Jill bathroom with a tub and split it into 2 separate bathrooms with individual showers. Perfect considering the users are boy and girl twin pre-teens who weren’t going to enjoy sharing a bathroom through their teen years. The vibe is colorful and youthful yet perfectly in keeping with the homeowner’s style.


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