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The One Room Challenge Week 7: bathroom wallpaper roundup + the final push

It’s Week 7 of the ORC, and we are in the home stretch! Everyone is busting their tails to get this done, and it is going to come down to the wire. Before we talk about wallpaper and finishing touches, here’s where we’ve been so far:

It's starting to come together, and the guys are pushing as hard as they can. This week we have:

  • Finished tiling

  • Finished installing cabinetry

  • Finished all the trim work

  • Measured for window treatments

  • Primed and started painting

Here's our beautiful white oak cabinets!

Cabinets covered to prepare for painting. Also do you spy the upper linen cabinets? Those went in this week.

These tall linen cabinets on the end are about to be primed and painted.

Don't you store your bathtubs in the shower?

Windows and doors got all their wood trim.

Looooooooooooove the trim detail we did on the doors.

Toilet room coming together.

And like any good renovation project, we are experiencing delays and hiccups. The shower door handle went missing. The countertops that were supposed to be in last week still aren't in (but are supposedly coming today). The wallpaper guy came and went because he didn't think the space was ready for it, and now we may not get it installed in time.

And as you may or may not know, week 8 of the ORC happens to coincide exactly with us moving into our new house, which is ALSO experiencing delays and hiccups.

It is a teeeeeeeensy bit stressful. But it's all going to get there.

So let's not worry about that. Let's focus on something fun liiiikkkkke....


I was having dinner with a group of other Interior Designers a few weeks back, and I was telling them about this bathroom, and how when we did the demo we found that the entire bathroom used to be wallpapered from top to bottom. And you guys, I don’t hate that idea.

I think I might be ready for fully wallpapered master bathrooms, but I don’t think the world is there yet. BUT what we all seem to be here for is wallpaper in smaller bathroom spaces! When your space is smaller, there’s this freedom the comes that gives you the permission to go a little wild. Here are a few of our favorites, with some tips on what makes them work.

APPROACH #1 – the accent wall

If you want to dip your toes into wallpaper in the bathroom (or if budget is a constraint), going for one accent wall is a great move. We like to pick up on the background color of the wallpaper and paint that on the other 3 walls (and sometimes the ceiling!). In this bathroom we went BIG with a full-height blush peony wallpaper, and it’s just the stuff of dreams.

Here we added ship lap to 3 walls and wallpapered the upper half of the 4th wall in this powder bath. The floor tile was a busy pattern, so we didn’t want to overwhelm the space, so keeping it to one wall was the right call.

APPROACH #2 – the all-over subtle pattern

The next step up is to go for a subtle pattern on all 4 walls. This tone-on-tone number reads almost like a texture and is super soothing.

Subtle doesn’t have to mean neutral. This bathroom has a mostly white background with soft blue clouds and a few poppy birds. This is a sweet and unexpected pop when you open the door!

This bathroom has a bold colored background, but the blueprint-style print is subtle.

APPROACH #3 – the "whatever, I’m going for it"

Now we’re not holding back. Pick something you love, go big and bold, and make zero apologies. Our philosophy is that since you aren’t spending tons of time in a powder bathroom, you don’t have to worry about wallpaper being overpowering.

Is this not just every little girl’s (and grown-up girl’s) dream bathroom?!? Yes, it’s a lot. But it’s not a huge space, so who cares! You only live once.


While I do love the all-over wallpaper, we’re going for something a bit more subtle in this space. We are going to wallpaper just the water closet (aka Potty Room).

Since we are just one week away from the reveal, I’m going to keep you all in suspense and not tell you what wallpaper we are doing! I KNOW I AM SO MEAN. But I’m not heartless, so I’ve created a roundup of some of my favorite wallpapers for bathrooms. One of these IS the one we’re using on our makeover, but you’ll have to wait until next week to find out which one.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14| 15 | 16 |

Here’s our weekly check-in on our ORC renovation:

Done / In The Works:

  • Demo

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical Rough

  • Framing

  • Build-back with drywall and cement board

  • Install tile

  • Install vanity

  • Trim out windows, baseboards, install new doors, and order window treatments

To Do:

  • Finish painting

  • Install decorative lighting

  • Install plumbing trim

  • Install wallpaper (fingers crossed this happens in time!)


  • Install window treatments, art, and finishing touches


  • Followed by a big glass of Scotch and a nap (except not really because I'll be moving the very next day)

See you next week when we’ll the final room reveal!!! Aaaaaah I cannot wait.


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