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Richardson, Texas

Ah, the 70's. It was a glorious time of disco, Charlie's Angels, and....terrible floor plans. Also, everything was dark and brown. This home was in need of a major overhaul to meet the needs of a young family today. The kitchen was cramped. The master suite was in the wrong place. And there were staircases everywhere

This 70's Tudor cave got a much needed refresh. The house came down to studs. The floor plan was opened up to locate the living room next to the kitchen rather than downstairs through a hallway (what an idea!). The windows were enlarged. A front porch was added. And of course, all new finishes and fixtures. You name it, we changed it. Oh, and we took down the INDOOR thatched roof. What was once dark and dated is now refreshingly airy. The before and afters are a must see, so be sure to scroll all the way down.

Construction: Traditional Classic Homes


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