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3 steps to your dream patio (and our favorite new pieces this season)

outdoor living patio seating shade

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Remember how in the 90’s eyebrows literally meant nothing when it came to makeup? It was all glitter eyeshadow and brown lined mocha frosted lips. Now in 2020+, eyebrows are essentially the only things that matter on your face. It’s funny how things shift.

Similarly, pre-2020 we had helped maybe one or two clients with outdoor living spaces. Then the pandemic hit, everyone was quarantined, and our phone did not stop ringing for outdoor living help! It’s been incredible for many reasons (less time sitting inside, zombie-d in front of the TV, for one), but one of the most exciting bits is that furniture manufacturers went bonkers and started carrying exponentially more patio options! It used to be that you either were stuck with whatever plastic crud Home Depot happened to have lying around, or you had to pay $$$$$$ for high end things. Not anymore!

Here are our top 3 tips to creating an outdoor space that will make you forget about air conditioning, plus a roundup of our favorite pieces.


outdoor living shade

You’re not going to last 20 minutes outside once that summer sun kicks in if you don't have some cover. If you don’t have a built in shade structure, grab yourself a patio umbrella.


outdoor living comfort seating

PLEASE FORGIVE THE FACT THAT THERE ARE PUMPKINS EVERYWHERE IN THIS PHOTO. My plants have not yet come back to life this spring and this is the best I can do right now!! #reallife

But yes, seating. You will never leave the comfort of your couch if every seat you have outside is uncomfortable. Opt for cushions, especially in covered areas (and invest in furniture covers if you’re not under a roof!). Or if you’re totally cushion averse, plenty of Adirondack styles like we have at on our front porch are comfy without cushions, as are the metal dining chairs in our roundup below. Either way, add outdoor throw pillows and a rug for extra comfort and a pop of color.


outdoor living mood lighting

Lanterns and string lights are magical. We strung the adorable brass globe numbers in the roundup below for our house. If you have a large area to cover, Amazon has TONS of options with super long lengths (I’m talking 50 or 100 feet) so you don’t have to daisy chain a bunch of short strands together. Fire pits, candles, anything with that magical soft glow will help you enjoy your outdoor space into the night.

outdoor living patio favorites

Time to get outside!!

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