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patio goals

I shared a little sneak peak of this dream patio I've been working on all summer over on Instagram the other day, and now I'm sharing the rest. You guys, this is the stuff of dreams.

My client's brother is an architect and designed this incredible pergola - which, I don't have to tell you because you have eyes - is to die for. I got to swoop in at that point and finish it out. We added two sleek, modern ceiling fans for circulation.

We live in Texas. This is a necessity.

For ambiance there's a gorgeous chandelier with rustic wood touches, echoing the main material of the pergola. Fancy but casual. My jam. We may add some additional edison-bulb style string lights up there as well.

My clients use this space for entertaining on the regular, both for their friends and for work. She is an executive leadership coach and actually used to coach my team at my former job. How cool is that?! Darn the luck of all of the business people who have to take time away from the office and spend it HERE.

We went with a weathered wood finish on most of the furniture to keep it from being too matchy-matchy with the pergola. There are really only a few materials that hold up outdoors long term, and metal or plastic wouldn't have given us the cozy vibe we were after.

My husband said this looks like a shot from the PotteryBarn catalog. I asked if he meant that as a compliment. He said yes.

I'll take it.

Got to run. It's happy hour on the patio.

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