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Highland Park, Texas

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Several years back, our clients purchased the husband’s childhood home from his parents, moving back into the house he grew up in. They used their budget to renovate the bones of the house to freshen it up and make it their own, moving in the furniture from their last house. The pieces they’d collected had great style, but some weren’t the perfect fit for the scale and layout of their new home. It was finally time to furnish the downstairs to fit their family. 

We feathered in new foundational and statement pieces with the best of their existing pieces to create a curated look. Artwork, rugs, and accessories bring in color and personality to the space. One of our favorite Designer moves, mixing higher end custom pieces with off the shelf retail buys, creates an end result that feels completely unique and bespoke. Special unexpected touches like wallpaper in the office and recovering a treasured family chair added the final personal touches. 

Music: Do It by @iksonmusic


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