Van Alstyne, Texas

How do you capture the essence of a 150+ year old farmhouse in a paragraph? Well, you can't.


There is so much depth to the story of this place to share that we are still working on telling it well, but here is the Reader's Digest version. This 1859 farmhouse is settled on 23 acres. This original building will be joined by several new structures that will occupy this land over the next few years. The incredible homeowners are restoring the land as a holistic, sustainable farm. It is a place to build community and inspire people to connect with the land they are on – whether that be a historic farmhouse or a simple backyard garden. 


Good stuff, right? So until the full story is ready to be told, please enjoy these snapshots of The Little House. You can also read about how the Little House was designed to gather a crowd in our Dallas Morning News feature.

Architect: Architexas 

Instagram: SisterGrove