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summer essential oil diffuser blends

summer essential oil blends

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The purists out there will tell me that I’m publishing this post about summer in MAY and summer doesn’t start until the end of JUNE.

Those people do not live in Texas. Summer in Texas essentially starts on May 1st.

I’ve been sharing my favorite essential oil blends for years, but somehow never managed to share my favorite summer blends! Fall, Winter, Spring, even blends to sell your house (that one is the most popular – definitely check it out). But summer always seemed to fall through the cracks.

Perhaps that’s because summer isn’t about productivity and CRUSHING IT. It’s about relaxing. Which all of these blends will definitely help you to do.

Some are beach inspired, others are drink inspired (hello, mojito), but I’m sure you’ll find a few that you’ll enjoy all season long. Whether your summer is 3 months long or, like us in Texas, approximately 9 months.

Summer essential oil blends

Or you can download a printable PDF below!

TLD Summer Essential Oil Blends
Download PDF • 49KB

Let us know which are your favorite! For me, I’m almost always alternating between the simplicity of Summer Days or the relaxing vibes of Hammock Nap.

summer essential oil blends

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