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spring essential oil diffuser blends

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OH FRIENDS. Spring is nearly here. We've gone from snowpocalypse to full on spring in just a few weeks here in Texas. It seems like it snuck up on us, but I could not be more excited for this season to change and to start spending some more time outside.

We'll, for an indoorsy gal like me, I really mean spend more time on our screened porch or inside with the windows open, but still.

I've shared my favorite fall and winter blends, and now we're keeping the train moving with our favorite summer scents!

Side note: I included several of my favorite diffusers in our Christmas Gift Guides, so if you don’t have one, scoot over to those posts to grab one!

This time of year is all about all scents FRESH – lemon, lemongrass, orange, peppermint, ylang ylang, and tea tree. I have these “recipes” printed out and taped to the back of my cabinet door where I store all of my essential oils and mix up the scents daily. It’s part of my morning routine after my coffee to walk through the house and set our home up to smell nice all day. The Spring Clean blend is in near constant rotation; it's my all time favorite and makes it smell like I just cleaned the house (even though I surely did not).

Or you can download a printable PDF below!

TLD_spring essential oil diffuser blends
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Here are my favorite diffusers and oils that we use at home. A lot of these are the larger sizes with the droppers because I use so much AND the dropper makes it so much faster and easier:

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