grandma's apple pie (in a bag)

apple pie on a counter

Every year on Thanksgiving, I (Emma) spend the day before at my grandma's house making pies! We always go for the classics: apple & pumpkin.

As I type that sentence, I can see and feel with my hands, my grandma's vintage pyrex bowl and matching pie tins that every pie we make are baked in. Her kitchen is bright and airy with huge windows so the apple pie, quintessentially, cooling in the window is a real thing of my childhood. My grandma was a woman before her time. She worked in Hollywood for an advertising agency and was a self made woman. She met my grandpa and had her first baby at 27. She grew up in the mid-west during the Great Depression and tells me about making butter by rolling jars across the dining room floor with her sister and how an orange in her stocking was as good as gold on Christmas. She has lives a full and dynamic life. She just celebrated her 90th birthday.

This apple pie recipe isn't just a testament to my grandma; but, to the women on her side who spent hours in the kitchen crafting delicious recipes and making things from scratch and the empowering conversations and memories that came from those days in the kitchen. I am proud to be one of those women and am excited to share this recipe with you and my future family!

apples in cinnamon and sugar

Now, my grandma loves remembering those times but definitely is happy that the world has moved forward. We do not make our butter from scratch (my husband does and it's an every dish in the kitchen affair). This recipe doesn't even ask you to attempt a pie crust. But you could if you wanted to!

apple in pie tin

This recipe ensures that the apples are tender and sweet and that the pie is a few easy steps. My grandma says (in all her extremely polite sass), "You can use any type of apple but granny smith is the right choice". This apple pie is the culmination of the tricks that my grandma learned from her mom and what my grandma has taught me and the granddaughters in our family.

bag on cookie sheet with apple pie inside

We always serve it with vanilla bean ice cream but you can go traditional and serve it with a good cheddar cheese. A tip for Thanksgiving, cook it the day before and leave it overnight so all the flavors marry even more.

apple pie on counter

Much like my grandma, this recipe has a trick up its sleeve. The whole pie goes in a bag and that bag goes in the oven. It won't burn! I promise; just follow the instructions exactly! This is to ensure that the apple steam perfectly through and through and none of them have a crunch.

apple pie giphy

Apple Pie (in a bag)

Grandma's apple pie

prep time 30 minutes

cook time 60 minutes

total time 90 minutes

6-8 slices of pie



  • 9 inch pie dish

  • Heavy Brown Paper Bag (Large, like a grocery store paper bag)

  • Metal Paper Clips

  • Pre-made pie crust

  • Pie weights or dry beans

  • Parchment paper