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fall recipe round up

November is upon us, and at this time of year (if you're anything like me) all of your thoughts turn to FOOD! What side dish to bring to thanksgiving, what kind of pumpkin infused something to bake this weekend with the kids, or adding a new comfort food dinner into the usual rotation.

Our lives basically revolve around food here at TLD, so we've rounded up some of our very favorite fall recipes. Some are straight out of our kitchens and others are tried and true recipes from other bloggers around the interwebs.


easy pumpkin bread recipe

If you've ever tried (and failed) at making a quick bread, or think that you're just not a good baker in general, you absolutely should give this recipe a try. I hate to say "no fail" because if you were to, say, forget to set a timer and bake it for like 4 hours it would fail, but in general it's pretty fool proof!! It is just the right amount of pumpkin-y for those of us (me) who don't live and die by the pumpkin spice latte and want our pumpkin flavor in moderation.

paper bag apple pie recipe

Yes, this apple pie cooks INSIDE A PAPER BAG. Have no fear, it isn't going to catch fire in the oven. Remember back to your high school days when you read Fahrenheit 451? 451° is the temperature required to set paper on fire. We are going to cook this at 425 degrees, so no threat of flames. Just perfectly steamed apples with a crispy golden crust. You have to try this.

cheesy irish soda bread

The Wooden Skillet knows what she is doing here. The name says it all: CHEESY IRISH SODA BREAD. It is seasoned with rosemary and thyme. Your whole house will smell magnificent and your stomach will be filled with such goodness. We love a cheesy and herby carb moment. Do yourself a favor and cook this before company comes over. Everyone will be so impressed.


shortcut easy french onion soup recipe

The world's best french onion soup recipe belongs to Ina Garten, hands down. But her version requires an immense amount of time (and about $30 worth of booze). That's too rich for my blood outside of a special occasion, and wayyyyyy to time intensive for a weeknight meal. My shortcut version takes 1/3 of the time, is super affordable, but most importantly is easy enough for a weeknight meal.

easy gorgonzola pasta recipe

This is the meal I make when I want to impress people but I don't have a ton of time. This tastes every bit as delicious as a restaurant meal and is so insanely simple. On top of that, my kids DEVOUR it. This is a regular feature in our family's dinner rotation.

I am a sucker for a one pot meal. It is not one of those recipes where it says one pot and you use every dish to get the finished product in the pot. It is a one pot meal. Even the uncooked pasta goes right in and comes out (insert chef's kiss) so scrumptious. I made this for my Girls Night dinner group and everyone BEGGED for the recipe. It's a crowd favorite.

french dip sliders

These French dip sliders are a pull apart dream. The Hawaiian rolls get cut along the seam and you fill the bottom with all the fixings to go on the inside of the sandwich. Top with the other half of the buns. Spread some butter, bake, and presto! We have got a delicious dinner or lunch for my hungry boys.

sloppy joes

I love this recipe because it is full of flavor and filling despite being a turkey version of Sloppy Joes. It lightens them up just enough so you don't feel too stuffed after the meal. It is a weeknight go to and a family favorite for sure! I recommend making them with some oven baked fries or some roasted broccolini on the side.


Here is a tool to get you through the rest of the holidays. Many years ago, after growing completely weary of spending mental energy on trying to decide what we would eat for dinner every night, I pulled all of my family's favorite recipes together into an 8 week meal plan. Inside you'll find 56 days of no stress on the meal planning front. It includes some of the recipes above, along with many others, and a variety of skill levels and effort levels included. Some recipes are more involved, others include frozen grocery store meatballs or heating up pantry ingredients. Because let's be real - nobody has time to make a gourmet meal every night, so each week has a mix of quick and easy meals plus a few more special ones.

And just like that the Sunday Scaries have been banished.

8 weeks of meal planning

I hope you enjoy warming up your kitchen and filling your bellies with these fall favorites!


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