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Dallas, Texas

This 1976 Far North Dallas home had received some updates over the years, but there were a few neglected spaces that were dragging our clients down. After living here for 9 years, this family wanted to create more cohesion in their home, and correct a couple of...strange areas (scroll to the'll see). The end goal was to create a home that was comfortable, inviting, and classic - plus durable enough for family life.

Our clients came in with well-vetted plans and a clear vision but were open to some of our out-of-the-box ideas that they ended up loving. We made major updates to the sunroom, exterior, and master bathroom, plus refreshing the living and dining rooms.

We enhanced the exterior with large scale windows and double sliding doors, extending the beam finishes from the living area to the outside. The bold color choices in the sunroom, featuring cool blue hues and modern white chairs, turned previously wasted space into a stunning, functional area.

Inside, the master bathroom was completely revamped, taken back to the studs and improved by leaps and bounds with a brand new layout, plus gorgeous finishes and fixtures. The living room now boasts an improved furniture layout for better flow.

Construction: Tejas Remodeling and Custom Homes

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