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Dallas, Texas

That moment when you've bought your big, beautiful dream house, in your dream neighborhood, with your dream view...and you have no idea how to fill it.

This is the conundrum our clients found themselves in after settling into their new home. Moving from a 1500 SF house to a 5000 SF home came with a few challenges. First among them - how to furnish the space so that it doesn't look empty, but not just fill it for the sake of filling it. The homeowners are two busy lawyers with three busy boys who didn't have the time, energy, or know-how to figure it out on their own.


Enter TLD. We created a modern serene master suite for unwinding at the end of a long workday. The boys' rooms were designed to serve them both now in their kid and pre-teen life stage as well as seeing them through their teen years. The living room is where the family spends most of their time, and now they can enjoy a fully furnished, comfortable space that enhances their amazing views.

Scroll down to see the incredible before and after transformation. Fore more images and details on this project, check out our features on West Elm, and the Dallas Morning News here and here


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