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our favorite indoor and outdoor planters

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It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with using houseplants in design and styling. Mother Nature is a pretty darn good artist, and there is no comparable way to bring in organic movement, bold color, and life quite like with plants.

But picking the right plant is only half the battle. You also need to have a beautiful container to hold your plant baby.

We get asked ALL THE TIME where we find the planters we use on our projects. Some of our favorite places to source them are local nurseries (like our Richardson TX favorite, Plants and Planters Garden Center), HomeGoods, and thrift stores. I’ve also been known to repurpose coffee mugs and kitchenware as a planter! Beyond these one of a kind finds, we also rely heavily on regular retailers as well.

planters bedroom decor

Style wise there are a thousand ways you could go to match your décor. You can go simple and sleek, or ornate. I tend towards simpler planters with great texture – so they compliment the plant rather than compete with it. But I’m also known to break that rule. Follow your heart!

Keep in mind proper drainage. The #1 killer of houseplants is overwatering, leading to root rot. The two best options:

  1. A pot with a drainage hole and a drip tray below to protect your surfaces, or

  2. A pot without a drainage hole – keep your plant in the nursery pot, rather than planting it directly in your planter, so that your plant can drain excess water.

planters bathroom decor

We’ve rounded up some of our favorites for your planting pleasure.

planters gorgeous homes for your plants

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