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get the look: boho style

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Today we are soaking up the last of those summer vibes and throwing it back to one of our favorite remodels – The Craftsman Jungalow. Our clients' Chicago background gave them a soft spot for the classic craftsman style, but they wanted to blend it with other design styles to help it feel a bit less formal and more relaxed. Bohemian style infusion to the rescue!

Nothing about Boho style is hurried, formal, or fussy. If you want to create an idyllic oasis - creating an escape from work life and encouraging relaxation - adding in a little boho might be your ticket to vacation at home. This project is great for those back to school or boho-inspired Pinterest boards!

For some, boho design can sometimes lean haphazard or messy, but done well it’s quite the opposite. Think intentional, eclectic, and functional. The Bohemian style dates back to France in the 19th century, post-revolution. It represents an unstructured lifestyle and freedom of expression.

Like our project here, you don't have to go full Boho. It is a great compliment to other design styles. Let's dive into the details behind this project and how you too can recreate this look.

Natural Elements

This is the hallmark of Boho style. Add in plenty of natural materials and organic textures, like macramé, rattan, caning, and wood.


Layering prints, colors, and loads of textures is key. You can go bold with a large print and then incorporate some smaller-scale patterns and solids to create great visual interest.


There are so many ways to be creative here, like using colored stained-glass or mood lighting (dimmer switches, lamps, and especially fairy lights). Cozy up in some comfortable seating with a book and relax!


Who doesn't love plants? They enhance your space and increase quality airflow, there are so many benefits. We used a variety of plants all throughout this remodel, inside and out, and a mix of real and faux (though real is our favorite!).

Color Palette

So many options here! Boho style can go fully neutral, or richly jewel-toned, or somewhere in between with muted colors like we did here. But, for the relaxed vibe, choose a lane and stick to it. Avoid using mostly neutral + vibrant pops of color - this creates too much contrast and doesn’t flow naturally. Lower contrast = chill vibes.


Think hanging chair for the ultimate relaxation and ALL the plants + candles. The back covered patio was actually designed for our client to do aerial yoga from the center of the ceiling, which is about as boho as it gets! But if structural engineering isn’t a part of your project, stick with the hanging chair. If you have the space, include extra seats for entertaining.

Thinking this style might be a fit for you? Check out our Get The Look board below!

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