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curtains 201- our favorite ready-made curtains and hardware

Post contains affiliate links.

Last week we shared all of our guidelines for sizing your curtains – how high, how wide, fullness, layering. Hop back and check out that post if you haven’t seen it yet! This week we are back with some of our very favorite ready-made curtains. While custom curtains are a great luxury and can be worth every penny, it’s not realistic for most folks to use them throughout their homes. These are our go-tos that we use both in our client projects and our homes when we’re looking for something fast, affordable, and beautiful.


Honestly, you're not going to see a ton of sheer curtains here because they aren't my favorite. I like curtains to carry some visual weight, so I prefer more substantial fabrics. Not that sheer is wrong; it's just not my jam. There are plenty of times I've seen it done well; it's just not what my heart wants.

Many of these are available in multiple sizes and colors, so even if you don’t see your perfect fit, click through and see if there’s something similar that would work for your color palette.


  1. White Linen Dupe

  2. Color blocked

  3. Linen

  4. Starling Floral

  5. Windowpane Plaid - closest dupe to the custom ones I made below!

  6. Pink floral


Wondering when to go patterned and when to go solid? That is entirely dependent on your other room choices. Patterned curtains can add visual interest in a subtle or, if you choose, they can make a bold design statement in the room. You’ll want to pull together your area rug, linens & other accessories before you choose your curtains to make sure you don't have competing focal points happening. We do solid probably 75% of the time!


Some of our favorite curtain materials are velvet, lined cotton, and linen. These fabric choices, in our opinion, are timeless. Velvet is great for room darkening and sound dampening (above). A lighter weight linen (or synthetic made to look like linen) is airy and allows more light through (below).

One thing to note on true linen - they wrinkle EASILY. Don't assume if there are wrinkles in the panels that they will fall out over time once they are hung. You have to iron and/or steam those suckers.


Time for hardware! We shared last week about curtain rings and hooks, which is our favorite way to hang curtains, so hop back there if you need a refresher as to what that is all about! These rods are sturdy enough to stand up to heavier curtains and give an incredible finished look to your windows. Many of these also come in multiple finishes too!


  1. Nickel Rod (multiple finishes)

  2. Simple Metal Rod (multiple finishes)

  3. Wood and Brass Rod (multiple finishes)

  4. Wood and Black (multiple finishes)

  5. Bamboo - only for decorative (aka non-functional) curtains

  6. Room Darkening Rod - the curtains turn back to the wall preventing light leakage at the sides

  7. Brass Simple Rod (multiple finishes)

  8. Square Rod (multiple finishes) - use with square rings #13

  9. Angled Curtain Connectors - awesome for bay windows or windows on 2 walls that meet in the corner, see image above

  10. Curtain Hooks - for creating pleats - be sure your curtains have gathering tape at the header (all of the budget buys in our roundup are equipped with this!)

  11. Round Rings - use on round rods

  12. Square Rings - use on square rods

We hope this gives you some comfort level with choosing amazing curtains for your space! Drop us a comment or message us at @taralenneydesign on social if we can answer any other curtain questions for you!

Quick Disclosure: Some of these links happen to be affiliate links which means when you click the link to purchase something on this page, it won't cost you more but I may receive a commission for sharing this with you. Which is neat, because I was going to share it with you anyway! You can view our full disclosure policy here.


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