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big news - we're launching a shop!

I really want to be one of those talented storytellers who builds up the suspense to a huge announcement, but I just cannot wait another moment. We've been working on something in the background and I am so beyond thrilled to share it with you….

We're launching an online shop!

Here's the scoop.

It all started as we began paying attention to a super common pain point among so many of our clients and friends….bare walls. SO many people wait years to hang things on the walls because:

  1. Choosing art can be time consuming. Trying to hunt down the right thing is overwhelming.

  2. Figuring out what art will go with what you already have, or will go with the style of your house, is confusing.

  3. Then should you actually find something you love, it's an expensive pain in the rear to have it framed.

The whole process becomes so much of a hassle that it becomes something that you never get to.

But no more. Introducing…

Humble Abode will have humble beginnings, starting with a curated collection of original art, each piece made to compliment the others. The prints will be offered digitally, so you can print to any size and hang on your own. We'll also offer custom framing services with hand-selected frames that are guaranteed to compliment each piece of art (and that won't break the bank).

No. More. Guesswork!

I can't wait to show you all that we have in store and to tell you more of the story behind what we're creating. We're thrilled to have another way to serve you outside of full service design work. So many folks reach out to us needing help with finishing touches, like wall art, and this gives us another way to serve you when we can't just run over to your house!

I'd love to invite you to join us inside our newsletter so you can be the first to see the shop, get some awesome resources, and stay up to date on our newest releases. We're starting with art, but we don't plan on stopping there!

Join us here! And follow us on Instagram for more sneak peeks and behind the scenes looks at the shop.

Thanks for celebrating along with us!


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