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2022 Design trends + look ahead to 2023

We are so excited to be included in Redfin's article on the best 2022 Design Trends! We hope you enjoy the article and some photos of our favorite projects that feature these trends! We've condensed it a bit here to our favorite trends that we anticipate hanging around into 2023, so if you want more you can head to Redfin to read the full article.


2022 was a unique year in the design world. We saw influences from the pandemic linger, while aesthetic revivals and new fads emerged throughout the year. While some trends are sure to stay, others may soon disappear, burning out as quickly as they had sparked interest.

As we look back on 2022, we reached out to design experts from Anaheim, CA, to Bridgeport, CT, to share their favorite and not-so-favorite design trends of 2022. From wallpaper to zellige tiles to checkered prints, be sure to sit back, relax, and enjoy 2022 Design Trends Wrapped.

Setting the vibe with moody interiors

“The design trend we loved most in 2022 was the rise of the moody interior,” raves interior designer company Tara Lenney Design. “Dark greens, blues, and blacks that wrapped from walls onto trim, cabinetry, and even ceilings were a welcome departure from the all-white walls that have been popular for the last few years.”

If you’re not ready to commit your whole interior to the moody vibe, she recommends dedicating a specific room to a moody interior, like a home office or bathroom, inside a light and airy interior.

wallpaper in a bathroom

An embrace of wallpaper

Wallpaper is an easy way to bring clean design and personality into your home. In 2022, wallpaper made a big splash, creating both bold statements and stunning backdrops in homes.

Kaitlyn Loos Design, which specializes in design and organization, shares, “In 2022 I saw more clients embracing patterns in bigger, bolder ways. Wallpaper has become a much hotter trend, not just for powder rooms anymore.”

“From laundry rooms to nurseries and bedrooms, many homeowners added wallpaper to their home, either as an accent wall or throughout the entire room. The variety available in color, pattern, and texture today makes it the perfect addition to any home,” adds interior designer Marlaya of Studio One Nine Design.

Not only did wallpaper become a popular option in 2022, but the different types of wallpaper designs expanded considerably.

“Homeowners are becoming bolder, as their options are expanding and as they learn that wallpaper isn’t necessarily a permanent fixture in a home but can add much-needed character and color to a space,” shares residential interior design studio Jamie Nell Design.

And one such wallpaper option that emerged in 2022 was wallpaper murals.

“We’ve seen mural wallpapers explode in popularity. They are great for making a bold statement in any room as they create a more immersive environment than a simple repeat wallpaper and capture the imagination,” adds Sian Zeng, a wallpaper company.

Warm neutrals made a resurgence

A defining interior design trend for 2022 was the use of warm neutrals.

Heather Wise, Senior Interior Designer of Space Joy notes, “Customer preferences changed from crisp whites and cool tones to warmer palettes that included creams, beiges, and a lot of deep browns. Whether being applied to walls or furniture, it helped customers foster a cozier and more inviting atmosphere.”

“2022 was a year for paint updates with neutral color pallets. Our client’s homes post-pandemic have become more about who they are and embracing their design styles within their home as well as mixing designs instead of sticking to one,” adds design studio A Jolie Design.

“Residential design trends continued to make their way from bright whites and cool grays toward a warmer, softer palette of creamy whites, taupes and stains in rich, light and medium tones,” notes interior design and styling service Niche Design Co.

A turn to nature and natural materials

One popular interior design trend we saw in 2022 was the use of natural materials, such as wood, stone, and plants, to create a warm, organic, and sustainable aesthetic.

“In 2022, we saw designs that felt connected to the outdoors with the use of natural materials and colors such as rattan, wood, stone, terracotta, earth tones, and greens,” says interior design company Jenna Nicole Interiors. “This nature-inspired trend is more of a design philosophy, one that caters to our well-being and brings us closer to nature without ever having to leave our homes,” adds Georgie Mihaila, editor and founder of luxury real estate blog Fancy Pants Homes.

By bringing in natural elements into the home, it helps create a feeling of warmth, tranquility, a sense of grounding, and connection to the natural world.

“Nature-inspired design helps nourish both the home and the soul and was much needed after the past few years of uncertainty and isolation,” says artist Melissa Mack.

If you plan on incorporating natural materials into your design style for 2023, it’s important to consider the mood and purpose of the space.

“For example, if you want to create a relaxing atmosphere in a bedroom, consider using soft, muted colors. In addition to using natural materials, you can also incorporate elements of nature, such as plants, to bring life and a sense of tranquility to the space,” shares A.F. Duealberi, an abstract painting artist.

They also recommend thinking about sustainability when making design choices by looking for energy-efficient appliances, choosing materials with a low environmental impact, and considering the lifecycle of products.

interior design trends color

Added splashes of color

Gray interiors are a thing of the past as 2022 saw an infusion of colors. Below are tips on how to bring color into your home during the new year.

“You can definitely expect to see more people embracing color in their homes,” says V. James and Co. Interiors. “People are finally starting to move away from all-white spaces and more towards more lively and moody colors that add a sense of personality to the home.” Stephanie at Rumble Interiors, based in Eastern, WA, adds, “If you have all gray, it’s time to add a punch of boldness. Try a rose-colored wall or a bold wallpaper to jazz things up.”

“Don’t be afraid of color, and use a lot of it,” adds contemporary artist Sarah Stieber of Stieber Spaces. “Rather than choosing two colors and using them as accents, discover a family of colors and sprinkle them throughout the entire space.”

“2022 was all about embracing the modern bohemian style with pops of color in combination with clean line art – line art that blends effortlessly with gorgeous color schemes to add a bit more color, joy, and good vibes to your everyday life,” says boho canvas art print company 83 Oranges

interior design trend green paint

An embrace of the color green

A design trend that was starting to become popular and is gaining traction into 2023 is the use of the color green.

“Green symbolizes rebirth, hope, health, and overall well-being, which is in line with people trying to return to normalcy after the covid pandemic. Green is very versatile and easy to incorporate into a home whether it’s in a big or small way, like plants,” says interior design and decorating firm GC INTERIORS.

“The color green is in demand because it connects to the environment and holds a connection with nature. So these days people prefer green colors indoors as well,” adds Home Decor Expert, a home improvement magazine.

jeweled toned interior blue green wall chandelier

Jeweled tones

In 2022, jewel tones made a comeback and are still going strong in 2023.

“The colors of rubies, emeralds, amethysts, and sapphires are still in. Bringing these deep rich colors into the home adds elegance, warmth, and luxury,” notes Ruby Rugs of Berkley, CA.

wood ceiling in kitchen

A move towards modern natural

Ditch the kitsch and get authentic. People are moving away from the beautiful yet contrived modern farmhouse to modern natural, as“people are craving simple nature to provide balance. Woods like white oak, walnut, pine, and douglas fir with natural finishes complement high-precision modern accents and keep us rooted. Wood accent walls are still very popular, but we see more and more ceiling installations,” reveals peel-and-stick wood company Stikwood.

large wall art in entry way

Bigger and brighter wall art

Darren Gygi Home Collection, which sells high-quality giclee prints, shares that 2022’s art trends can be summed up in various catchphrases: Go big or go home, live life in color, and earth without art is just boring.

“2022 has shown us that wall decor isn’t going anywhere, and it’s getting bigger and brighter. Gone are the days of the small, minimalistic black-and-white wall art. Now is the time for large statement pieces with bright colors and lots of personalities.”

A dining room renaissance

Stage the Bay home staging raves that 2023 will be the year of the dining room. “Dining rooms were the neglected room of the past couple of years, and we are seeing a resurgence of importance to this room. Clients are requesting unique table centerpieces and want to upgrade their current seating or tables.”

dining room molding traditional motif

Traditional interior motifs made a comeback

“I have seen time-tested traditional interior motifs like a classic checkerboard tile pattern and whimsical scalloped edge detailing come back in a big way,” raves interior design studio Veneer Designs.

Some examples we saw in 2022 included 4″x4″ checkerboard tile instead of 12″x12″, zellige instead of marble, and scalloped cabinetry edges, headboards, and fireplace surround.

“There’s always a good spot for some crisp white paint, but let’s also embrace colors and patterns, too. There’s a seat at the table for both,” says Hayley Francis, owner of Neon Doves.

handmade zeliege tile

The year of tiles

In 2022, people wanted to maintain a simple backsplash, while adding some variation.

“Moroccan-inspired Zellige tiles became very popular for their handmade look and slight color variation that is interesting without being too busy,” shares kitchen and bath remodeling contractors McManus Kitchen and Bath.

In addition to Zellige tiles, handmade tiles continue to be all the rage, as 2023 is set to bring even more natural and artisanal looks.

“Color and textural variations add a visual depth to walls not achieved by other types of tile – plus, no two pieces will be alike. So say goodbye to cookie-cutter designs. It’s time for your home décor to get personal with authentic handcrafted charm,” shares San Francisco, CA-based Spaces By Juliana.

Modernized ceiling fans and lighting

In 2022, many have realized the value of good lighting and how these components anchor and define every other detail.

“2022 saw the continued popularity of finish options like brasses, mixed metals, and pops of fun color for ceiling fans and lighting,” reveals Vintage Fans & More. “We’ll continue to see the evolution of these trends as more consumers hop on the better lighting bandwagon.”

In addition, Sputnik lighting, which was popular from the 1940s to 1960s, returned and was one of the most popular lighting trends of 2022.

“You will recognize these pendant lights by their multiple arms that extend out from a center globe, each holding a round light bulb. These are so popular as they provide bright illumination and are suitable for many rooms such as dining space, bedrooms, and living areas,” remarks Bibby Fine Interiors based in Nelson, BC.

open shelving in kitchen

A shift to open shelving

For the past several years, people have been ditching their upper cabinets and choosing to have open shelving. However, it’s important to think of the practicality of this type of cabinetry before making the change.

Boise Interiors, which focuses on design and renovations, suggests, “While they are beautiful on Pinterest, in real life, they can be impractical. My advice in all things design is to always think about your lifestyle before making these decisions.”

Marble home decor

Marble home decor was a popular trend in 2022 because of its timeless elegance and versatility.

The Ancient Home shares, “It can be incorporated into any room, from the kitchen to the bathroom, and adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Additionally, marble is a sustainable choice for home decor because it is a long-lasting material that is both cost-effective and eco-friendly.”

ceiling design in dining room

Designing the ceiling

We often forget about our “5th wall,” also known as the ceiling.

“In 2022, adding paint color, wallpaper, or wood treatment to the ceiling added a fun pop of personality to a space. In small spaces, it was common to see the ceiling be on the bolder side, and in large areas like dining rooms, a subtle pattern or texture was the way to go,” shares Kat Nelson Designs.

Wrapping up 2022

As we look back on 2022 and all the amazing and not-so-amazing home trends. It is important to bring into your space what makes you feel the most happiness. As Fringed Benefits Design, a design firm, says, “Be brave, go big and do what you want in your home. Don’t do what everyone else is doing because it’s safe. Love where you live because you did what you wanted.”

In addition, design a home in aspiration of the lifestyle you desire to create for yourself. “You manifest what seems natural to you,” says artist Samantha Kaplan. “So, if you desire to live a luxurious lifestyle, design your home in a way that evokes that feeling. And you will notice how you will naturally start attracting more luxuries into your life.”

Lastly, decorate your home in a way that feels authentic and personal to you.“Forget leading name brands,” notes Funston Antiques. “Personally collect and display objects and art which reflect your personal interests, whether that be sports, history, or nature.”


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