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not your mama's thanksgiving decor

So, you blinked and now it's November? Yeah, me too.

Thanksgiving is certainly coming up quickly. This year even more so for myself, as I will be hosting the festivities this year for my (future) in-laws. I think this is the most adult I've ever felt. Starting off this new chapter of life with my most favorite holiday is pretty dang exciting. I turned to some of my favorite bloggers and stylists to train me up right for this momentous occasion. And of course I'll be borrowing from the recipes and timetable that Tara shared! I am delighted to do this round up of Thanksgiving decor as I search for some inspiration of my own.

You can't talk decor without talking about the table. Gone are the days of turkey print everything. You can have a fresh fall feeling table with these curated centerpieces.

The easiest ways to bring in the holidays is through color and texture. Thanksgiving invokes sentiments of warmth and togetherness and to achieve that, you don't have to stick to oranges and browns. Rich jewel tones mixed with metallics will give you an updated autumn look. ​

One of the best parts about Thanksgiving decor is it can be done simply. After all, this season is about celebrating what we already have. You can easily transform items you already own by mixing them just right and supplementing with small details where appropriate!

Alternatively, you can choose to shake things up with your color palette by taking the traditional elements and adding a pop of color. With a bit of paint, DIY your Halloween pumpkins like this sweet and simple centerpiece by Oh Happy Day!

Of course, there is something to be said about keeping your natural elements in the raw, lending a beauty all on it's own. The best part is, they can be found for free in your own backyard.

This tablescape by Gal meets Glam mixes in pumpkin orange with neutral ivory and soft green dried eucalyptus for a modern take on a more traditional feel. Check out this super easy eucalyptus DIY here!

These sweet little autumn leaf place cards add a personal touch to your table. And, of course, are FREE. And, we love free at TLD.

Check out this lovely arrangement, bringing in fall colors onto the ceiling by weaving them into the chandelier. I think I might have to take a stab at this concept!​

Throw in something unexpected. Thanksgiving bounty isn't only about the pumpkins. Bonus points for being able to eat your decor after Thanksgiving day, giving a whole new meaning to leftovers. This simple and subdued apple centerpiece we saw on Wedding Chicks is stunning!

This lovely arrangement we spotted on Oh Joy's instagram with eggplants and other edibles is a showstopper!

Don't forget the kiddos! I couldn't resist sharing this adorable kids' table by The Creative Heart Studio. How cute and simple are those metallic balloons?!

Plus, these printables by Thirty Handmade Days to keep the littles busy and out from under your feet while food prepping! ​

Tape the coloring sheets down with washi tape as an additional accent, as seen on The House Lars Built..

And, if you're wanting to spread the cheer into other parts of the home, dressing up the walls doesn't have to be a difficult task. These simple DIYs are the perfect way to add some additional flair outside of the table without breaking the bank.

This DIY by A Subtle Revelry is so fun and easy. You can make these letter banners for any occasion!

Joanna Gaines and her DIYs never disappoint! Check out this swoon-worthy dried citrus garland.

Pie anyone? (Insert heart-eye emoji here.)

One last practical piece of advice I've received - plan ahead! Try setting the table one or two days in advance. This will allow you to have the tablescape you desire, while not sacrificing the small details in the flurry of cooking craziness! Plus, you'll get to enjoy the fruits of your decor labor a few days extra.

Wishing everyone a joyous Thanksgiving celebration! Cheers!

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