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kitchen trend round up

We are lucky enough to work on a wide variety of projects, but truth be told, kitchens are our JAM. It's the blend of the super-functional and beautiful, in the space that most families spend the most of their waking hours in, that lights our fire. Making the most out of each and every square inch is so satisfying,as is making it gorgeous.

We have several kitchen projects in the works at the moment, so we have spent a fair amount of time scouring Pinterest for inspiration and combining our finds with the needs and anticipations of our clients. We wanted to do a round up of some of our favorite things coming down the pipeline. Some trends are rebirths of days gone by, some continuations of recent years, and some are entirely new! Without further ado...

Painted Cabinets

Well, this isn't necessarily a new trend (and, if you have spent any amount of time on Pinterest, you know that, too!) but we will definitely seeing more color variety in the new year. While we still love the slate blue and mid-tone grays of 2017, look for sage, greige neutrals, and saturated emeralds for 2018. Yep, warm colors are making a comeback.

Rustic Millwork

On the flip side, we are also seeing a return to nature with rustic wood tones for cabinets and islands. Maybe it's a little bit of farmhouse... maybe it's a little bit of french country. Whatever it is, we'll take it! The key to this trend is keeping everything other major kitchen elements sleek and minimal. (This trend is most definitely not about making your home look like a woodsy cabin!) Contrast is key.

P.S. Open shelves are here to stay, too!

Flat-Front Cabinetry

This is surely a divisive trend and it certainly isn't right for every home, but we love the simplicity of a flat panel cabinet. This design definitely resonates Scandanavian sensibilities that have been on the rise in recent years - functional and unfussy. It can easily fade into the background, blending it with the color of the floors or adjacent walls... or it can be bold with a dark color and metallic hardware. Either way, we are fans!

Mixing Metals

One of the questions we are asked most is: Can you mix metals? And the answer is a resounding "YES!" Thankfully, 2018 sees the trend catching on, so you can see we aren't just making it up. It truly does look beautiful. The rule of thumb is keep it to two metals, maximum three... and with four you've gone too far. Two of our favorite combos are matte black or polished nickel with brass, but as long as there is contrast between the two metals, you are golden.

Pantry Walls

While walk-in pantries can be glorious, they are no longer the rule. We are loving this trend as it saves space and keeps everything at an arms reach instead of in a room around the corner. In a kitchen renovation especially, you will not always be blessed with space to carve out for a walk-in. Plus, a wall of beautifully crafted millwork is swoon-worthy. You can even take this idea a step further by paneling your appliances, as well, for one cohesive wall of gorgeousness.


As the home becomes increasingly casual, folks are doing away with the traditional formal dining space. The eat-in kitchen has been on the rise for a while and the banquette is a fun way to fit a lot of seats into a smaller footprint. And, no, these are not the built-in booths of the 1970s! Those cumbersome things are a thing of the past and slimmer, simplified styles are in vogue. And nobody is going to turn down a little extra hidden storage, amiright?

What do you think of this years trends? Love them, hate them? Did we miss any of your favorites?

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