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Shared boys room: design inspiration

With the littlest Lenney due to arrive in just three months (!!!) we needed to sort out the bedroom situation for where this new human would be sleeping. We have a 4 bedroom house so up until now, Henry and Max have each had their own bedrooms and we've had the benefit of a guest bedroom. We decided rather than give up the guest room (and the ability to have family come and visit) we would move the boys together into one room. They were fully on board with this since, for more than a year, they have begged for bunk beds, a mini-van, and a baby sister. Well, we managed about 2.5 of those three. Unfortunately for them, my body does not produce girls.

But I digress.

Over the Christmas break we took the plunge and moved Max into Henry's room. Max's room is only about 8'x10', which is nearly Manhattan-level-small, and lends itself much more to being a nursery. Henry's room is more reasonable in size at about 10'x11'. Still tight, but more manageable for 2.

Santa was kind enough to bring the boys a loft style bed for Christmas that will go over Henry's existing bed. We decided to go this route rather than buying new bunk beds because: 1) it was way cheaper; 2) Henry's bed is made of 4 pieces of metal rather than eleventy-billion pieces of particle board and screws and can stand up to basically anything; and 3) it's the bed that my baby brother slept in growing up and that Steven slept in during college, so it's close to my heart.

We shared this little sneak peek on Instagram last week. Lofting the bed has given them so much more room for activities! (Stepbrothers joke).

We still have a few more finishing details to wrap up, like getting art back up on the walls, spray painting the old bed to match the new, possibly adding a rug, changing out lamps, etc. And maybe even painting the walls white (and risking marital discord since I'm not actually allowed to paint right now!). Until then I thought I'd share some of the shared kids bedrooms I've been drooling over on Pinterest as I've planned this new space.

I stumbled upon this room by Armelle Blog on Pinterest while searching for the Beddy's bedding I was considering (and ultimately ended up buying) and it totally pushed me over the edge from considering to get-in-my-shopping-cart.

Oh how I would have loved to have the space for a pair of twin beds. But alas, our room size and layout did not comply. Via Studio McGee.

Can you sense a black and white trend!?! Via My Colorful Life.

Briefly considered building our own loft bed after seeing this space by Design Dazzle. But my laziness won over. As per usual.

And even though this is a shared room with a crib, I couldn't showcase cute shared boys rooms without including this beauty by BurtsBrisPlease. I kind of want to live inside her Instagram account.

You had me at mid-century dresser, Architectural Digest.

These mismatched bed frames made me feel better that our beds weren't a perfect match. Via Coley Arnold.

And quite possibly my favorite room from Lay Baby Lay as it features all of my favorite things: iron beds, the rug I already have in my living room, black and white bedding, and the ever handsome Harrison Ford.

Check back in the coming weeks for the boys room reveal as we put all of the finishing touches together! God willing we'll have it totally finished before baby boy Lenney makes his debut.

For more nursery and kids room inspiration, be sure to follow my kids room Pinterest Board.

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