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Richardson, Texas

So many homes we see splashed on Instagram clock in at 4000, or 5000+ square feet, with lofty ceilings and giant windows. But what if you live in an older, smaller home?
Our clients are raising and homeschooling 4 boys in their 1600 SF home. They enjoy having everyone close together, but the choppy 1960’s layout wasn’t working for their family. Namely – there weren’t enough seats in the living or dining rooms for everyone to be together. Problematic. They dreamed of a space where they could all be together in one room – and have it not be total acoustic chaos.
We reimagined the living, dining, and kitchen of this home to open things up and create a Great Room that would support their family. Now everyone has a seat at the table (and on the sofa). The new layout gives them flexibility for all of their daily activities, from cooking to schooling to lounging.
The goal was to create a calming, neutral space that felt layered and pulled together, and casual (and durable) enough for an active family. White walls, vertical lines, and low-backed furniture give the illusion of much taller ceilings. By leaning into natural materials and layered neutrals we created a space that feels both relaxing and interesting.

Construction: BGA Construction


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