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Cohesive Home

A step by step guide to creating a beautiful space that feels just like you.

This course will take you from feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with your home to feeling confident and inspired, and experience the joy of living in a cohesively designed home that speaks to who you are, with the satisfaction of knowing you have all the tools you need to continue to transform your home, room by room.

Before I tell you all about this program,
let's make sure it's right for you.

Cohesive Home is a great fit for you if you want to create a beautifully put-together, liveable home for you and your loved ones, but you've struggled in the past to pull it all together.

If you are...
A lover of all things home design and decor who wants to create a beautiful home, but no matter what you try, you're frustrated that you can't consistently pull a space together in a way that feels true to your style.
An Instagram and Pinterest junkie with hundreds (thousands?) of amazing ideas saved for a "sometime" down the road when you'll have the time to execute it...but you're overwhelmed at the thought of narrowing down your vision and bringing it to you just keep spinning and pinning.
A Mom or Dad of little ones who wants to create a liveable, beautiful home to make memories in now while your kids are young and don't want to wait until you're an empty nester to have a home you love...but also you're busy raising kids, so it has to be easy and do-able.
A scrappy do-er who loves transforming your home and maximizing your design dollars for the biggest impact, and know you could totally transform your home if you just had some guidance.
A new home owner or recent remodeler who spent the bulk of your budget on the bones of your home, and you desperately want to make it your own and have a finished space to enjoy.
In a season of overwhelm and know in your heart that how you feel is deeply affected by your physical environment, and you want to create a space to support you being your best self.


Cohesive Home will give you the framework, the tips, the designer's secrets, and guidance to create a Cohesive Home that you love
(and that you'll never want to leave).


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By the end of this program you will have...


Learned the Interior Designer's Framework.

The ingredients, methods, and insider knowledge to creating beautiful, liveable spaces that Interior Designer's know but you don't (yet).


Set your project up for success.

With a Cohesive Vision that reflects your Signature Style, an optimized furniture layout, and realistic budget to execute your space.


Mastered selecting the most critical pieces.

Those big furniture pieces that cost a pretty penny or the paint color for your whole house? You have the tools to get those selections right the first time.


Learned the art of layering in accent pieces.

The special, unique things that make a home yours. Mixing and matching furniture, rugs, window treatments, in a way that feels curated and layered.


Unlocked the mystery of accessories and styling.

You can now expertly bring your space together with accessories, art, and finishing touches for a space that feels completely put together.


Gained the knowledge to repeat it over and over again.

Once you've learned the method, you can repeat this system over and over again as you transform your space into the home of your dreams.


Cohesive Home will give you the confidence you need to stop spinning your wheels, wasting energy (and money) on design mistakes, and finally get after creating the home you desire.


Above all else...


Our favorite part of the experience was not having to guess if something would look good. Tara's approach is straightforward and honest, and her design and expertise gave us the confidence to make decisions on our own!




What's inside

Interior Designer Testing New Colors


Design School

Everything that lives in our brains with 4 years of design school and 20 years of experience. This module includes:


  • The Elements of Interior Design - the ingredients to every space and how to use them to create mood and atmosphere.

  • ​The Principles of Interior Design - the method to work the ingredients together. This is why your spaces aren't coming together.

  • Lighting - the underutilized element that nobody talks about and the difference between a ho-hum and an amazing space.

  • Color - Everything about color, from creating knock-out color palettes, to mixing colors, understanding color psychology. 



Design Foundation

Everything successful project is built on a strong foundation, and this is where creating a Cohesive Home begins. This module includes:


  • Priorities - Determine what's most important for you in your space.

  • Style - Defining your Signature Style that you will carry through your home.

  • Vision - Creating a Cohesive Vision for your space with a Mood Board, plus a template and tutorials to make your own.

  • Layout - All the tips, tricks, and standards to laying out your space PLUS a tutorial in the free version of the 3D software we use to design all of our projects to visualize your room.

  • Budgeting - How to set yourself up for success with a realistic budget. Where to spend, where to save, and guidelines for how much to spend in each category.



Major Selections

This is where people start to panic and make mistakes, but not you, friend! It's time to make your first selections. This module includes:


  • Sourcing - identifying your jumping off point for your room, how to sift through all the options, and making your first selections.

  • Mixing - how to mix different styles of furniture to compliment your style, incorporate a spouse's style, mixing colors, patterns, metals, and wood tones.

  • Room Board - a tutorial in the free software program you can use to create design boards and see how your selections will work together.

  • Upholstered furniture - everything you need to know to select these key pieces. Choosing the right shape, size, fabric, and more.

  • Casegoods - selecting beds, tables, consoles, bookcases, dressers

  • Walls and ceilings - paint, wallpaper, paneling, and more.



Secondary Selections

Once your major selections are made, we'll choose all the best supporting actors and actresses for your room. This module includes:


  • Rugs - sizing, pattern mixing, and the right fibers for your lifestyle and budget.

  • Window Treatments - everything window, from how high and wide to hang, fabric types, patterns vs. solid colors, shades, and more.

  • Light fixtures - from table and floor lamps to pendants and  chandeliers, how to use lighting to make your room sing.

  • Textiles - how to create winning pillow combinations, layering in throws, as well as creating the ideal bedding situation.

  • Hardware - this is where people often lose steam! Selecting the right style and finish, as as well as type for your application. 

  • Art and Mirrors - selecting, sizing, and combining wall art.



Finishing Touches

With all the major players selected, it's time to bring your room together! This module includes:


  • Styling for your lifestyle - whether you're an empty nester, an owner of a large-tailed-dog, or a parent of a toddler that is systematically trying to destroy your house, how to style for the way you live.

  • Styling Rules - the designer tricks of the trade to style like a pro.

  • Surface Styling - how to style coffee tables, consoles, dressers, built ins, bookcases, and more.

  • Displaying heirlooms and collections - how to display treasured items, and not-so-treasured family pieces, in a way that compliments your space.




Answers to all the questions that plague our friends, followers, and clients (before they meet us, of course). This module includes:


  • Marriage advice - What to do when your spouse doesn't see value in investing in your home, or you disagree on style?

  • Should it stay or should it go - How to decide if an item is worth hanging on to.

  • Kids - how do I let my children have a voice in their spaces without it looking like Paw Patrol threw up in my house?

  • What to do when you're stuck - how to move past indecision.

  • Interior Design Glossary - all the terms designers throw around that you only 43% understand. From applique to zellige, terms defined.




Grab your spot today and you'll receive...

ALL of our favorite retail sources for everything from furniture, to lighting, to accessories, and more! I honestly can't believe we're giving this away!
Our favorite go-to paint colors that are tried and true.
Houseplant guide - every room needs some greenery, and this bonus module will show you which easy-care plants will work in your space, how to style them, and (most importantly) how to keep them alive and growing

Inside of Cohesive Home you get...

6 Implementation Modules
Showing you step-by-step how to create a room you'll love with our proven framework. With lifetime access, you can repeat this process over an over again to create a home you love. A one-time investment with a lifetime of payoff.
VIP Perks
Access to the private Facebook group and live Q&As with weekly support from Team TLD during implementation and ongoing from each other.
3 Amazing Bonuses
The bonuses alone are worth their weight in gold. Back when we did offer consultations, you would pay hundreds for this tried and true expertise!
VIP Consultation
We don't even offer this service anymore! You're the only ones to get this kind of access. It's a $375 value.


14 day risk-free guarantee

Investing in your home may feel risky, especially if you've been burned by decisions you've regretted in the past. Hey, I get you! But here's the thing, I truly want to serve you and help you make your home amazing.

The info you'll find inside of Cohesive Home is going to be game-changing for you. It has the tools and support that you need to do big things. It's the exact roadmap we follow when designing for our clients and for ourselves.

I want you to be thrilled with your investment and say "this is the best money I've spent in forever." So here's why you can place your confidence in a money-back guarantee and set your enrollment worries aside.

By the end of 14 days, you'll have received access to the first two modules of Cohesive Home. You'll have had the opportunity to glean from our Designer Expertise in Module 1 and set the foundation for pulling your project together in Module 2.

If you don't feel confident and equipped by your progress by TIME PM on DATE, simply reach out, show us you've put in the work and given it the old college try, and we'll refund your investment. Full details here.



Answers to our most frequently asked questions

  • I am so friggin busy. Do I even have time for this?
    I hear you. I know what it's like to be busy. Between family demands, work demands, and trying to get enough sleep to keep moving, life is just busy. But here's the thing - we make time for our priorities. My guess is that you find yourself scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest almost daily. Imagine capturing that time and instead of mindlessly scrolling, you were MINDFULLY scrolling. Watching these videos in your down time, after the kids go to bed, or on Sunday afternoons, and replacing your doom-scrolling with purposeful work towards creating the home you love. And remember, you have lifetime access to this course. If life gets busy and you have to put this on the shelf, you can always pick it back up later.
  • What if this crashes and burns like all of my past attempts at refreshing my home?
    Self-doubt is hard. Our brains like to keep us safe, so they use past experience to predict future outcomes. But here's the thing - this time you're not just throwing spaghetti (or throw pillows) at the wall to see what sticks. Inside of Cohesive Home you're going to have a framework, a method, a proven process that shows you HOW to put a room together. Which steps to take in which order, and what goes with what. If you're worried about making the wrong choices, I would encourage you to look at our VIP option. You'll have access to our live weekly Q&A meetings where I'll address specific questions, but more importantly, you'll get a consultation with one of our TLD Designers to review YOUR selections and give you guidance, suggestions, and advice before you pull the trigger on any purchases. Don't stress. You've got this.
  • What if I don't have a huge budget?
    I feel you. When I was first married, I supported my husband and I on my entry level salary while he attended Law School. Shortly after graduation we bought our first house, and then he was laid off...for 18 months. Listen, I know what it's like to have the DEEP desire to pull a home together, but to lack the budget to do it all at once. This course is EXACTLY what you need, my friend. Most months I had $25 or less in my monthly budget to spend on our home. Through DIYing, thrifting, garage sales, and clearance buys, I slowly created a home that I loved. So much so that one of TLD's largest projects came from an old friend who remembered that first house with the $25 design budget and thought we did such a great job with a shoestring budget that we could work wonders with a big one, so they hired us. This method works whether you have hardly any money to spare or thousands to put towards your home.
  • I don't have a design bone in my body. Can I actually do this?
    When I was newly married, I didn't have a cooking bone in my body. My only signature dish was buttered noodles with bagged store brand parmesan. Here's the thing - when you have a METHOD you can learn new things. Inside of Cohesive Home I'm not just spinning flowery language like "your room will speak to you and tell you what it wants to be." That's bull and not remotely helpful. This course is tactical, strategic, and ACTIONABLE. Sure, we'll have feeling-words in there because space IS emotional. But there are methods and rules of thumb that you can apply to make your home lovely. No design-bones required. Just the will to make it happen.
  • What if I want a 1 on 1 Interior Designer experience?
    Hey I hear you. If a 1 on 1 concierge style Design experience is what you're after, this course probably isn't for you! If that's the case, please visit to learn more about our Interior Design services.

We can't help every client 1 on 1 that comes to our door.

This one's tough for me. 

Every week, we receive between 2-5 requests for new projects with wonderful people. Some big, some small. Many that feel like a great fit.

And we have to turn about 80% of them away due to our limited bandwidth. It broke my heart to have to turn away people who desire to have a beautiful, cohesive home, because I know how much living in a space you love positively impacts your quality of life.

We created Cohesive Home to have something to offer these amazing folks who just want their homes to be more beautiful, functional, and liveable. By brain dumping our method and expertise, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to serve more people than we ever could 1 on 1.

I truly hope inside of Cohesive Home you'll find the tools, tips, and inspiration that you've been missing. There's so much value crammed in here than I could ever begin to fit into a blog post or Instagram caption. Having a system to take on your home design in a game-changer.

We hope it blesses you and your home.




Hey, this sounds pretty great, but I'm still not
100% sure, keep reading.


You want a home you can enjoy...badly.

You scroll through Instagram and Pinterest and wonder why it is that everyone has their home (and life) together but you don't.

First of all, nobody has their life together. Don't compare your real life to someone else's filtered highlight reel.

BUT. That doesn't mean that you have to suffer through with a home that isn't meeting your needs, that's draining, disjointed, and that you long to make so much more.

Having a beautiful home is about WAY more than being surface-pretty. It's about having a finished space that gives you peace, calm, and rest. Home is meant to be our sanctuary. A space to make memories with your family. The beauty is the icing on the cake. Loving your life at home is the real reward.


You're not afraid of putting in the work.

Getting thing done is your jam. Maybe you've thought yourself how to cook (even though you'd rather order Thai takeout). You get yourself to the gym on occasion because it's good for you (props, I haven't been in 17 years and counting). And even though you didn't give a lick about Anthropology in college (more like Anthropologie) you managed to muddle through and get yourself that B to keep your scholarship.

My point is, you aren't afraid of a little hard work. Sure, this is going to take some time and energy. But remember, you are saving thousands of dollars by doing this on your own. We love serving our clients 1:1, but designing a room starts at $2500 in design fees alone. For a fraction of that, you'll have the skills to DIY this and repeat it over and over again.


You know there's no "perfect time" to start.

I know what it's like to wake up in a home that is assaulting you with everything that is wrong. The endless to do list, evidence of design mistakes past from HomeGoods, and all of those spaces you promised yourself at the new year that you'd get to...three years ago.

Hard truth - there's never a perfect time to undertake a change. The best time to start creating a home you love was maybe was the day you moved in. The second best day is TODAY.

Give yourself the gift of a roadmap. You wouldn't go on a road trip without GPS. You don't have to design your home without a roadmap, either.

Take the first strategic move to creating the home you love. We typically only regret the things we don't do.


We get it. We are VERY budget oriented here at TLD, and we strive to spend every single one of our client's dollars like it was our own.

Drop us an email and let us know what's holding you back and how we might be able to help you make the best decision for you.


Still on the fence?


Notify me when the doors open.

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