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A beautiful cabin retreat in Broken Bow, Oklahoma? Sounds amazing.

Making the thousands of decisions and managing the logistics to fill it all on your own?
Quite a bit less amazing.

That is where our clients were when they found us. Construction was underway on their cabin, a modern treehouse on stilts above the Mountain Fork River, with a pre-designed palette of finishes. But how to fill it to make this space beautiful, functional, and pulled together? That's where we came in.

Inspired by the raw beauty of the woods and river just outside their door, we pulled heavily from natural materials, textures, and colors to create a home that feels immediately inviting as well as stunning. Not too fussy to curl up on the couch after a day spent outdoors. Beautiful enough to serve as the backdrop for weekend getaways, anniversaries, and momentous (and everyday) moments for years to come.

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Broken Bow, OK
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