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Richardson, Texas

After partnering with TLD for several years on optimizing their current office space, Bowie Capital found themselves in need of additional square footage to house their growing company. The office space needed to project their brand identity of success, trust, and excellence to existing and new investors. We set out to transform their new and current spaces to better support their business and goals - or in their words, "up our street cred with our clients."


Initially occupying 2300 square feet, the office expanded into the adjacent 1700 square feet to create a more expansive and impressive workspace for both their employees and clients. The expansion includes the addition of a larger breakroom and conference room to accommodate their growing team. They also decided to create a productivity-boosting library, a state-of-the-art conference room, and a podcast studio.

Aesthetically the space for these Investment Advisors needed to project excellence and wealth, but in a modern way. Clean lines, warm woods, rich layered neutrals, and opulent textures gave the finished spaces an understated luxury vibe.

Photos by Kevin Brown Photography

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