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We are so glad you are here.

We are TLD, a Dallas Texas based Interior Design Studio here to help you love life at home.


Welcome to our online home! Kick off your shoes, grab a cup of coffee (or whiskey, your call) and come see what we're all about.

SPOILER: it's really about you...


We are a little bit...different

Here at TLD, our passion is to create beautiful, functional spaces that look and feel like you.
Not recreating the latest trends on Instagram. Not the sterile (and, let’s be honest, unlivable) homes that grace the covers of magazines.
We want to transform your home into everything you didn’t know you always wanted.
Your home is often your biggest financial asset, and you want to invest your hard-earned money wisely and make intentional choices about what you bring into your space, and love it for years (decades!) to come.
Maybe you long for your family to have a functional and beautiful home that both adults and kids can enjoy (yes, it's possible). To have a home that feels put together, but totally livable. Where you’re just as comfortable throwing a party for friends as you are cozying up with a book. This looks different for all of our clients, which is why no two TLD projects look alike.

Our goal is here is simple:
we want you to 
love life at home.

What we do.

Taking on a major renovation, furnishing a house, or building a new home can feel daunting. For most people the amount of decisions that need to be made is truly overwhelming. From the construction pieces (fixtures and cabinetry and hardware and finishes) to the furnishings (furniture and rugs and artwork and accessories), it can feel impossible to know where to start.

But here's the great news. Our zone of genius is leading our clients through this often intimidating process from start to finish. Because don't we all just want someone to plan our kitchen and tell us it's all going to be okay? 

It starts with understanding your vision, needs, and goals and ends with you enjoying your fresh, new space, tailored just to you.

You don't have to go at it alone.

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Awards and Features

From Kitchens and Bathrooms of the Year to Editorial Design Features, come and see some of our favorite spaces.


“The details that TLD brought to our project have made our living space more comfortable and functional than I could have ever imagined. They've been a great addition to our team.


Their broad knowledge base works well with our architects and contractor. TLD is creative, smart, and a delight to work with. We are so happy!”

Sarah, Van Alstyne TX

Sarah, Van Alstyne

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Sarah, Van Alstyne

You have scrolled so far down. Thanks!

I feel like you deserve an attention-span prize for reading this far. It's an internet miracle! Let me tell you a little about myself and introduce our Team.

I'm Tara, your friendly neighborhood Interior Designer, beverage fanatic (whiskey, iced tea, and iced coffee are my jam), professional homemaker and homebody, and hopefully your future partner in creating the space you've been dreaming about...



From the blog.

Home is about so much more than just a pretty space. That's why we don't stop at Interior Design.

Written by homebodies and for homebodies, we share the stories behind our projects, our favorite home finds, simple living, renovation tips, and so much more to help you love life at home.


Our top resources.


We all love wood floors, wood accents, and wood furniture.  But there's a right way to mix them. Here's our top tips for mixing woods for a cohesive look.


HELOC, Construction Loans, Cash out Refi: understand all of your options (without a finance degree) when it comes to home renovation and construction loans.

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Wait, Mondays
are fun now?

Let me guess. You maintain your best friendships by sending each other memes on one social network while simultaneously having a completely separate text convo, right?

Our newsletter is like that.

I know what you're thinking. Email newsletter? Yawn.


Imagine getting an email from your best friend filled with the hilarious thing that happened to her last week (did she really just type that?!), plus a story that's relevant to your life, AND has design tips inside?

Welcome to your new favorite Monday morning ritual.

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Admit it....we all love to peek inside other people's houses, right? I mean, there's an entire TV network dedicated to that premise! 
Come and look at some amazing spaces we've designed for some equally incredible clients.


It's time for some pretty pictures.

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