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non-Halloween Halloween décor (aka moody black accents)

black accents for halloween decor

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I’m going level with you here - I’m not all that into Halloween decorating. It’s just not my thing Every few years I go on a tear (mostly for my kids) and have little skeleton things and bats and whatnot, but honestly I am SO OVER IT weeks before Halloween.

What I do like about Halloween is the fall + drama of BLACK. So this year I’m going to lean into that and layer in more black accents for a look that is dramatic but not overly theme-y. I’ll throw in a spider or bat here and there, but I love that this will last far beyond October.

black accents for halloween decor

If you’re like me and could do with a little less skull-and-bones this season, try out some of these black beauties.

Black accents for halloween decor

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