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August Favorites

Holy moly, friends! August has been one for the books in the Lenney fam. Between buying and designing a new house, staging/listing/selling our current home, virtual school for two big kids plus entertaining a toddler, usual Texas summer heat, and also STILL running a business full time from home, we are BEAT!

Through all of this crazy, there have been some awesome items that have helped us get through - either by us actually using them or us dreaming about buying them! Here are a few things we found this month that are helpful, happy or pretty... and some are all three!

Quick Disclosure: Some of these links happen to be affiliate links which means when you click the link to purchase something on this page, it won't cost you more but I may receive a commission for sharing this with you. Which is neat, because I was going to share it with you anyway! You can view our full disclosure policy here.

  1. Quad Cradle - If you are not following Hilton Carter on Instagram, I invite you to remedy this immediately. He is the king of houseplants and designs his interior spaces around them. He is also responsible for my growing plant obsession and is the reason I started propagating my house plants (aka making new plants for FREE from the ones you already own). These propagation vases are currently sold out and waiting patiently for them to be restocked!

  2. Letterfolk Daily Linen Apron - one thing you can't do much of while your house is on the market is bread baking. Somehow covering your entire countertop with flour and dough for hours is a buyer turn off? I don't get it. But taking a look at my 15 year old dingy apron is making me long for one like this.

  3. Anthro Woven Waffle Bed Blanket - This is the blanket we put on Henry's bed when we redid his room this spring, and it is the PERFECT summer weight bed blanket. Texas summers are too hot for duvets, and this lightweight number is equal parts cozy and cool.

  4. ProperTee "Home Is A Feeling" Tee - I already have one ProperTee shirt in my arsenal, but will likely be adding this one to my collection this month for my birthday!

  5. Suntory Japanese Whisky Toki - This whiskey, you guys. I know I KNOW whiskey usually comes from Scotland or Ireland or the US, but we watched a documentary on whiskey recently (after our bodies and brains collapsed from getting the house ready) and learned about this entire culture of Japanese whiskey. Apparently early in the 20th century some Japanese men came to Scotland, became obsessed with Scotch, and as the Japanese are experts at doing, completely perfected it. I could write a novel about how great this is. It's like Scotch PERFECTED. So smooth and delicious, and at under $40 a bottle won't totally break the bank.

  6. Polywood Modern Adirondack Chair - we bought these at the beginning of COVID to put on our front porch to have a place to sit and connect with neighbors from afar. It's made of recycled plastic so won't weather, warp, and require maintenance like it's wood cousins. I love the modern look of these and the zero maintenance factor.

  7. Large Black Grid Laundry Hamper - we have bought these for all three of our boys. It's lightweight and coated with a plastic-y coating that keeps it from absorbing funky smells. I love the faux leather handle detail.

  8. Scandinavian Designs Bendt Dining Chairs - I'm leaning towards these for our new house! They have that 1980's nostalgia vibe but modern and updated. And I can't get enough of the caning right now!

  9. Rifle Paper Co Peacock Wallpaper - this is the wallpaper I'm designing our new powder bathroom around. I love everything Rifle does. I have a pair of their Keds and I am CONSTANTLY getting compliments on them.

  10. Odorless Cat Litter - I know this is strange, you guys, but stick with me if you have a cat. This litter is odorless. I don't mean that you don't really notice the smell sometimes. I mean you don't notice it EVER. This is insanely important when you are selling your house, because nothing will turn people off faster than cat odor. My Realtor, hand to God, did not know we had a cat. My nose is somehow extra sensitive to ammonia and I can detect a smell daysssssssssssss before anyone in my house. It's cheaper than normal cat litter and can be scheduled to come to your door once a month. I will never ever buy another brand. Ever. There are several varieties, but I use the Ultra.

  11. Vinyl Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack - we don't own a record player YET, but my sister and brother in law do. We listened to this at their place during our open house when my mind was spinning with "what is everyone thinking of my house? do they like it? will they buy it????" If you are a child of the 80's like I am, few things can pull you out of a funk like this soundtrack.

  12. Adidas Womens Olive Green Tennis Shoes - One of my clients had these and they were so dang cute that I had to get them. They have been on my feet basically non-stop this month. I don't use running shoes for silly things like RUNNING (gross), but I will walk 10,000 steps inside my house fluffing pillows and straightening curtains and washing cabinets and changing lightbulbs. I have really big feet, and one thing I like about these is that they don't make them look extra clown-like.

That's it friends! With any luck my September favorites will include moving boxes and packing supplies and bubble bath, but only time will tell! If you try any of these please drop me a line on Instagram and tell me about it! Share a photo! I'd love to see how you use them!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, but not to worry, we only recommend products we know, use, and love! You can view our full disclosure policy here.


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