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2023 design trends wrapped

We are so excited to be included in Redfin's article on the best of 2023 Design Trends! We hope you enjoy the article and some photos of our favorite projects that feature these trends. We've condensed it a bit here to our favorite trends that we anticipate hanging around into 2024, so if you want more you can head to Redfin to read the full article.


In the dynamic world of design, 2023 unveiled a captivating tapestry of innovation and style, ushering in an era of creativity and expression. From the revival of ancient techniques to the embrace of cutting-edge materials, this year witnessed a fusion of tradition and modernity that shaped design trends as we know them today. This year we saw organic warmth meeting contemporary chic, defined spaces telling unique stories, and every detail, from custom tile installations to bespoke wallpaper prints.

As we look back on 2023, we reached out to design experts from Boston, MA, to San Francisco, CA, to share 23 of their favorite and not-so-favorite design trends of the year. So sit back, relax, and enjoy Redfin’s 2023 design trends wrapped.


In 2023, the trend of exploring different shades of color was at the forefront, with designers embracing some colors and leaving others behind.

Black is back, becoming once again a dominant and sophisticated color, setting a trend that epitomizes timeless elegance and modern minimalism.

2023 design trends redfin black is back

“Using black as an accent color was a popular trend in 2023 due to its timeless elegance and edginess,” shares Stephanie at Rumble Interiors. “Its ability to add depth and drama to any space or design made it a sought-after choice. Additionally, black accents can create a sense of sophistication, making them an appealing choice for many interior designers and homeowners.”

“The color black exudes a rich, luxurious feeling and elevates any space. We saw black being used in many parts of the home, from accessories to dining tables to the exterior side of the front door,” adds Alisha Rylander, Owner and Designer at Styled Interiors.

2023 design trends redfin bold statement marble


Bold, statement marble brought dramatic veining and unconventional color choices gracing interiors, furnishings, and countertops.

“Bold, statement marble took center stage in 2023, marrying the design trends of high drama with an organic, timeless material. Strong veining, high contrast, and rich colors replaced minimally veined and light-colored marble, creating stunning focal points everywhere, from backsplashes to kitchen islands to furniture pieces,” raves Marion Interior Design.

2023 design trends redfin archways arched doorway


In 2023, archways and detailing imparted a timeless elegance and architectural charm to interiors, as designers embraced the classic form to create graceful transitions and add a touch of sophistication to modern spaces.

“The trend we saw and loved most in 2023 was the arch,” states Tara Lenney Design. “This architectural superstar was everywhere, from arched doorways, ceilings, and cabinets to fluting on the fronts of cabinets and furniture. After so many years of 90° angles dominating, it’s refreshing to see this classic, curvy silhouette having a moment.”

“Archways and arch detailing were a popular design trend this year, adding architectural interest and high-end design impact to doorways, window frames, wall niches, and mirrors, with a trendy yet timeless shape,” adds Basil + Tate.

2023 design trends redfin workstation sinks


“Workstation sinks have been around for 9 or 10 years, but are trending this year. They only came in stainless steel back then, but in the last 3 or 4, they have really gained in popularity. Now, many companies make them, including big names like Kohler, Elkay, and Kraus. They come in several different materials and styles so that you can get a porcelain farmhouse workstation sink as well as a simple under-mount stainless one,” shares McManus Kitchen and Bath.

2023 design trends redfin kitchens with functionality


In 2023, kitchens prioritized functionality as a key trend, with innovative storage solutions, multi-purpose surfaces, and smart appliances.

“Kitchen designs focus on nutrition and healthy eating,” shares Harty Interiors. “Cooking appliances with integrated cooking functions like air frying and steam cooking have been very popular.”

“Floating kitchen shelves are falling out of favor. They have no practicality for storage, the contents on the shelf always look like a magazine shoot, and dust gathers on them,” says Jeane Dole of a la carte DESIGN.

2023 design trends redfin cozy textural calming spaces


The design landscape of 2023 focused on creating cozy, textural, and calming spaces, where warm materials, tactile fabrics, and soothing color palettes came together to foster a sense of tranquility and comfort.

“I’ve noticed an increased appreciation for cozy, textural, calming spaces over the past year. I think this is largely a response to the enormous effect interiors can have on your well-being. Finding pieces that are not only functional and beautiful but put you at ease, whether a textural sheepskin lounge chair or an oversized heavyweight linen throw, can be transformative in how you move throughout your daily life,” states Kasey Smith Interiors.

“This year’s shift toward wellness in the home has allowed us to design in a way that supports our mission of creating calm, peaceful spaces that offer a sense of stability for our clients. In addition to muted color palettes, soft fabrics, warm lighting, and natural elements, we often incorporate designated areas for personal practice in any form that adds to their overall well-being,” says San Diego, CA based Humble Design.

“Achieve a calm and stylish vibe by using one color for furniture and walls, opting for soft bouclé textures, and choosing matte finishes over glossy ones. Consistency in this simplicity enhances the overall soothing atmosphere,” adds Interiors by Tanisha Bansal.

2023 design trends redfin retrun of wood stone


Wood and stone were big in 2023, with their natural textures and earthy tones infusing interiors with a timeless elegance, seamlessly blending the warmth of wood and the rugged sophistication of stone to create spaces that exude both comfort and a sense of organic luxury.

“One of the trends I loved seeing this year is the return of wood,” states Rebecca Langman of Revision Custom Home Design. After years of white and gray dominating kitchen cabinets, we’re seeing more wood brought in, either in butcher block island tops, or a mix of wood base cabinets and white uppers.  In homes trying to add architectural interest, we’re seeing a lot more wood-wrapped beams.  And in remodeling projects, we’re seeing more people ask how they can work with or modify existing wood trim instead of painting it.”

“The top interior design trends for 2023 are open layout spaces incorporating natural materials such as wood, stone, and plants,” shares Shani Ayzencot of Design by SA. “Harmonizing 3 to 4 different materials combined with a neutral color palette, for a cohesive modern theme that is effortlessly inviting and functional.” 

2023 design trends redfin mismatched furniture


In 2023, the design ethos embraced the charm of eclecticism, making mismatched furniture sets a trend that celebrated individuality and creativity.

“Mismatched furniture sets created a sense of class and style by opting for individual furniture pieces that harmonize with each other, allowing owners to form their own personalized aesthetic,” remarks Morphe Home Staging. “Mixing styles, textures, and finishes added a layer of sophistication, allowing your home to tell a unique and stylish story that resonates with your personal taste.”

2023 design trends redfin wallpaper print


Wallpaper prints experienced a renaissance in 2023, with a surge in popularity as a dynamic design trend. Homes and spaces were adorned with bold, vibrant, and intricate wallpaper prints.

“People are embracing color and individuality. A great way to infuse personality into homes has been through the use of wallpaper, whether it’s a playful pattern, a sophisticated mural, or a calming texture,” notes MAKS Design Studio.

“Wallpaper design trends lean towards bold and vibrant patterns, with a resurgence of maximalism. Nature-inspired motifs, such as botanical prints and organic textures, continue to dominate, bringing a sense of tranquility and connection to the outdoors. Additionally, the innovative use of metallic accents and holographic elements added a touch of modern sophistication to interior spaces,” remarks Wallpapers by T.

Sarah Elizabeth Design adds, “While in past years we saw a resurgence of floral wallpapers and prints, now we see and use many jungle-theme designs on wallpapers and fabrics. Something about lush vegetation and exotic animals is really appealing to people right now and bringing joy. Maybe it’s part wanderlust mixed with wanting a surprising wow factor, when entering a room or space.”


Thanks again to Redfin for including us in this year's Trend Roundup!


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