Grab a cup of coffee (or glass of wine) and answer the questions below. The goal here is to give us a crash course in YOU. Rather than just recreating your Pinterest board or a home from a magazine, we want your home to be tailored to your needs, goals, and aspirations. A space that supports who you are and the way you want to live.

Please have any other adult that will be sharing this space with you answer these questions as well. The end result will be phenomenally more successful if we really hone in on the unique needs of each inhabitant.

first things first...

Relaxing at Home


Let's talk about you. Please give us the names of everyone in your household, plus a few words to describe yourselves. Think in terms of peronality (introversion/extroversion, organized or casual, laid back or high energy) as well as any special needs that we should be aware of in our design.  If you happen to know your MBTI or Enneagram personality type, please share it.


Let's identify your pain-points. What are the problem areas in your current space that you'd like to change that aren't working for you now? 


What adjectives would best describe how you want your space to feel when it's complete?

Some ideas to get you started: modern, rustic, relaxed, contemporary, traditional, comfortable, formal, stunning, colorful, exciting, serene, minimalist, classic, glamorous.


How long do you plan to live in your home?


Where you fall on this spectrum related to the cost and quality you desire for your project?

lower cost

higher quality



What is your all-in anticipated budget for this project, including construction costs, furnishings, design fees, etc.


Which of these best describes your ideal design experience?


It's not always easy to define our style, but the things that you gravitate towards will leave traces of your style that a trained design detective (like us!) can decode.

If you have a Pinterest or Houzz board created, please paste the link(s) below. If you don't, we invite you to create a Pinterest board (or gather images on your computer or from magazines) and share it with us. Try to include images of not only homes and spaces that would be relevant to your project, but also feel free to include fashion, foods, places you've traveled to or would like to visit, and anything that captures the lifestyle you would like to have.


Imagine that we are in the future and your project is complete (If only it were that easy)! Which of these outcomes would be important to you? Toggle any that apply!

A finished space that will free up my brain power to focus on other areas of my life